Why Shoulder Season Is The Best Time To Book A Vacation

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Is there somewhere on your bucket list that’s way beyond your budget? Most of us would answer yes, simply because the travel destinations with the greatest tourist appeal come at the highest price. They’re in-demand in the world of tourism and their economies are thriving because of it.

To paint a clear mental picture of these destinations, think of places like Venice, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, for example. These tourist hot spots are renowned for their steep prices and that label alone is probably enough to cross them off your list…but not so fast!! The secret to being able to afford these places is traveling during their shoulder seasons!

Everyones probably aware of the concept of high and low seasons when it comes to traveling, but have you ever heard of a shoulder season? It basically follows the “Goldilocks” principle- it’s the sweet spot of when to travel! You may be missing the ideal weather and events that come with high season, but at least you’re avoiding the massive crowds and inflated prices! And yes, the low season prices are the cheapest, but you have to consider why certain months are dubbed “low season” in the first place- the weather’s usually awful, meaning the activities are limited, and the overall atmosphere is probably not the type of vibe you’re expecting to get on vacation.

That all being said, shoulder season is the BEST time to book a vacation! The prices are much lower, the crowds aren’t overwhelming yet [and maybe even nonexistent!], the roundtrip flights are discounted, and for the most part,  you can still experience all the sights and activities that drew you in in the first place!

Have a vacation in mind? Finding its shoulder season and the deals that come with it is as simple as typing in the city/country’s name + the world “shoulder season” into Google and voila!! You can also follow Pamela Sendee’s easy worldwide guide HERE. Suddenly that dream vacation you previously couldn’t afford is now attainable!

Go give it a try…Happy Travels!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘


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