Why Rosetta Stone is Perfect for Travelers

There’s no denying that language and travel go hand-in-hand. Language allows you to communicate with locals and witness a new way of life. It teaches you about the history, culture, and traditions that define a place. And all the while, it brings you closer to the heart and soul of a place and the little things that make it tick.

It was my travels to France and Mexico after practicing with Rosetta Stone that I really realized the power of language. Simply put: It changes the way we bond with a place by breaking down barriers.

It was always the little breakthroughs that stuck out to me; Laughs with street vendors, understanding menus and signs, simply being able to ask fo directions when I needed to. Even just the look of joy, shock, and appreciation on a local’s face whenever I tried to communicate in their native tongue 😍. All these little moments and memories came together to form a transformational style of traveling I’d never known before.

After these trips, I made a pact with myself to rid my former tourist approach towards traveling. I want to continue immersing myself wherever I go and seek out those meaningful connections. For that reason, my 2020 travel motto is to give, rather than take. I want to make an impact with my travels, rather than just travel for my own enjoyment. So with the launch of “Your Plan” specifically designed for people like travelers in mind, I’ve felt more inspired than ever to turn those goals into a reality.

What’s unique about Rosetta Stone‘s new Your Plan feature is that it allows you to curate your curriculum based on your goals for learning the language. So for my first volunteer trip coming up in January, I’ve been practicing Spanish daily with my new “Everyday Traveler” personalized plan. The lessons are centered on all-things travel and have been teaching me everything I’ll need to know to get around Mexico and communicate at the school I’ll be volunteering at. It’s basically Rosetta Stone 2.0 for travelers, so I’ve been SO excited to share this new feature with you guys!! So many fellow travel-lovers have told me they want to learn a language for their upcoming trips, so I know they’ll agree this new feature is a game changer 👏

Keep reading to see why Your Plan by Rosetta Stone is perfect for travelers 👇

What Makes Your Plan So Special

Your Plan takes personalizing your language program to a whole new level! Not only does it take your prior language skills into account, it’s also personalized to WHY you’re learning the language.

So “Everyday Traveler” plan, for example, is designed for travelers and contains lessons that are essential to navigating a new place. You’ll learn how to ask for directions, how to bargain with vendors, how to order at a restaurant, and everything else that makes one a confident traveler!

Short, bite-sized lessons make it easy to stay on top of your practice daily, even when you’re on-the-go and out exploring (just download them to access offline!).

So all in all- what makes Your Plan so special is that it’s personalized for all your travel needs, while still teaching you all the necessary core language lessons to become a skilled speaker. Whether you want to become proficient in the language or just brush up before a trip, Your Plan has you covered with quick and fun lessons for all your travel needs.

Your Plan’s Key Features

  • Who’s it for: Learners who want to learn a language for traveling, speaking with family, advancing their career, or just for fun!
    • Available for Beginner, Intermediate, and Proficient language learners. Just choose whichever best fits your prior experience and current skill!
  • How does Your Plan shape the lessons? Daily lessons are designed to be short and entertaining. You’ll learn everything through a hands-on approach where you apply everything you learn as the lessons progress. This is what makes Rosetta Stone so unique when compared to typical memorization-based, textbook learning. For Travelers, expect travel-themed matching games that test your grammar and vocabulary skills. You’ll also practice words and phrases aloud, which TruAccent technology rates, and therefore helps perfect your pronunciation.
  • What is the pace? The curriculum is designed to have 30 minute daily lessons, 5 times a week and runs a course of 6 weeks. However, you can choose to practice at whatever pace fits your schedule.
    • Tip: Turn notification reminders to help you stay on track of your learning!
  • What languages are offered? Plans are available for all 24 learning languages.
  • Where can I access it? Your program can be accessed across all devices, whether you prefer your computer for learning or the Rosetta Stone mobile app (available for both Android & Apple smartphones), or a combination of the two!
    • Tip: Download the plans offline & you can access them whenever on-the-go!

My Personal Experience with Your Plan

Given my upcoming travels and prior Spanish classes throughout school, I went with the intermediate “Everyday Traveler” personalized plan. I’ve been using it for about a week now and can already say it’s a perfect fit!! The Intermediate level suits my baseline knowledge, yet is still challenging. And I’m already feeling confident that the travel-centered lessons are prepping me to become a better traveler. Even though the lessons are travel focused, it’s still teaching me all core Spanish principles I need to know which is also important to me 👍.

My first week in, I’ve learned topics like meeting people and describing senses and body parts. In the next 5 weeks to come, I’ll get to know everything from directions and landmarks to shopping and currency, as well as dining out, destinations, staying in a hotel, comparing and contrasting, and more. As you can see, it’s basically everything you’d need learn to prep for an upcoming trip!

As for the time comittment, I’ve found it very doable to carve out 30 minutes a day for the lessons. I find they go by really quick, and the format of learning is entertaining enough that I actually look forward to this little part of my day! I did have a couple busy days this past week where I didn’t designate a specific learning time. The app notifications really helped me stay on track though and reminded me to add the lesson to my to-list. I love this new feature because it’s been helping turn my language practice into a habit, rather than just a hobby.

Although Your Plan offers a more personalized Rosetta Stone lesson plan, the teaching style of the lessons are still the same as the original version. I speak in depth about my experience learning with Rosetta Stone vs. in a classroom on my other blog if you’re interested in a detailed description!

As you can tell, I’m really loving this new program!! With travel being my primary motivator for learning Spanish, the tailored lessons are basically everything I always wanted out of Rosetta Stone, presented to me on a platter. I was honestly quite nervous when initially planning my upcoming volunteer trip in Mexico. Basic Spanish skills are a requirement for me as a volunteer and I knew the quality of my communication skills in Spanish would directly affect my work. But I’m starting to feel so much more confident with my speaking and reading skills even after just a week of practice! After six weeks of practice, I know I’ll be eagerly awaiting to use my skills in Mexico!!

Good Things are Coming

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me talk about my passion for special education. I was an Instructional Aide for children with Autism all throughout college and planned to go into special education since I was 13. It’s always felt like my calling and gave my life so much meaning. It was my goal to see as much of the world though before I set down my roots as a teacher, and during those travels is when I shifted into the world of travel blogging. 

This career path has given me so much- I’ve met friends from all over the world and I’ve been opened up to so many new cultures, viewpoints, and lessons that ultimately changed me as a human-being forever. I’m so grateful for these experiences and for this job- But this year I realized I can’t shake the other passion I gave up.

Rosetta Stone and the life changing trips it brought me this year played a huge role in this realization. Those trips taught me so much about myself and what was missing in my life. It taught me how I want to impact this world when I travel and to follow my “WHY”. 

After coming to all these realizations, it finally hit me. I could marry my two passions for travel and special education. Come January, I’ll begin my volunteer position at a dance studio for children with Down Syndrome. And that’s also when I’ll be setting off on this volunteer trip at a school for children with special needs in Mexico. It will be my FIRST volunteer trip, as well as my FIRST solo trip, so I’m extremely motivated to learn everything I can with Your Plan. I’ll be updating everyone on my progress, as well as my volunteer work on my blog and Instagram as I go. So stay tuned!!

To say I’m grateful for this past year and the lessons it has brought is an understatement. Looking back on 2019, it’s easy for me to see. Every little step of my journey brought me exactly where I needed to be, in order to embark on the path I’m meant to go. I cannot wait for what 2020 has in store 😊🙏

Want to Learn a Language For Your Upcoming Trip?

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*This post is in partnership with Rosetta Stone, but all opinions are my own.

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