The Pavilion: Phnom Penh Hotel Review

Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, showcases the country’s culture and history in such an indescribable way that one must visit on their own to fully understand. The city buzz can be described as frenetic and the traffic is a bit overwhelming, but don’t let those qualities scare you off. I’ll be honest when I say it’s definitely not a relaxing place to visit, both mentally and physically, but it should be one of the most important places to visit on your list. One cannot understand neither Cambodia’s tragic past of the Khmer Rouge, nor the lives of its citizens and survivors if you don’t visit Phnom Penh yourself. The sobering historic landmarks it houses, particularly the Killing Fields and the S21 Prison, will give you a whole new understanding and sympathy for the people of Cambodia, provide you with a vital lesson in history, and ironically remind you what it means to be a human-being whilst learning about the incredibly inhumane treatment this beautiful country once endured.

Everything I learned about the Cambodian Genocide during my visit, although heartbreaking and haunting, changed me as a human being.  It innately made me feel more connected to every single person on this Earth, no matter our differences in culture, language, traditions, histories, and so on, and I truly believe it will do the same for you. As a citizen of the world, I think it should be everyone’s duty to visit Phnom Penh once in their life.

Considering all that said, my stay at The Pavilion Hotel truly made my visit to Phnom Penh what it was. Because of the heart-renching information and sights I was taking in, my stay here at this amazing hotel offered a nice place to relax, take everything in, and escape from the fast-paced city, even if it was for just a night. The staff went out of their way to accommodate you and the amenities they offered made you feel right at home. Just like my former cost breakdown posts in SE Asia, this luxe-budget hotel is definitely up there with the best when it comes to getting more value than you payed for. Keep scrolling to see what I mean…





Our own private, gated patio



French Colonial-style architecture


Free daily breakfast with homemade pastries/baguettes + homemade marmalade & butter


The Pavilion‘s Benefits & Amenities:

  • Beautifully decorated rooms with tiled floors, rain showers, and pillow-top beds
  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • Free daily breakfast, made fresh to order with a huge, delicious menu to choose from! This was unique compared to all the hotels I’ve stayed at in SE Asia that usually only serve low-quality breakfast buffets.
  • Free 30 minute massage service at the spa- another unique, AMAZING amenity at this hotel!
  • 24-hour concierge that provides you with a welcome drink and cold towel on arrival (which was incredible after a long day of traveling!) & will help you with any assistance you need when it comes to transportation, tours, etc.
  • Two amazing hotels, surrounded by private cabanas
  • Flat screen TVs in each room
  • Private gated patios encompassing most of the rooms
  • 2 great restaurants serving both Western and authentic Cambodian dishes
  • A spa offering a variety of services
  • Lastly, one of my favorite things about the Pavilion- The city of Phnom Penh is SO hectic, but the hotel was like a little oasis within the busy city. It was the perfect escape because after stepping onto the gated property, the noise and horns dissipated and the hotel scenery made you feel immediately relaxed. So luxurious at such a low price!

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  1. Wow! I’ll check it out next time I’m in Phnom Penh. I usually stay on the riverfront, but am a little bored with it now after about a million vivists.

  2. What an amazing post gorgeous. Cambodia is so popular now and I can’t wait to visit. Will def let the resort know you sent me there! xx God bless

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