What to Expect on a Pangea Dreams Retreat

pangea dreams retreat
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When I attended the [first ever!] Pangea Dreams Bali retreat in 2017, I had zero clue just how much it would change my life. I had high hopes for what it would do for my blog and Instagram, but I was also full of doubts and anxiety. Anxiety to really invest and believe in myself fully, to meet new people in a foreign place, and doubtful it wouldn’t be everything I wanted it to be. I’ll say right off the bat though, it was everything and SO much more.

Fast forward almost 2 full years later, I am now living my dream job as both a Pangea Dreams host AND a travel blogger/content creator. Without that week in Bali and without my Pangea Dreams family, I really couldn’t tell you where I’d be today. That is how powerful this week was for me…Probably too powerful to properly put into words!

That being said, the best way to demonstrate is tell you what you can expect from a Pangea Dreams retreat. I’ll not only share the logistical side of what it entails, but I’ll also attempt to reveal the unexpected magic it brings! This magic is something no one can really prepare for until you’ve experienced it yourself. I will do my best though to elaborate!

pangea dreams retreat
Photo by @samkat

First off…What is a Pangea Dreams retreat?

  • Who it’s for: Female entrepreneurs, creatives, small business owners, aspiring bloggers, content creators, etc. It is NOT just for aspiring bloggers and influencers. It’s an inclusive and highly beneficial retreat for anyone that’s looking to enter a side hustle or career in a more creative, self-governed space!
  • What it is: A one week retreat abroad, focused on teaching entrepreneurial workshops (like branding, photography, SEO, etc.) in a supportive and empowering environment. While the retreat’s main focus is the learning and bonding aspects, it also includes excursions and content creation opportunities!
  • Where it is: The location varies with each retreat!
  • Why go? Keep reading!!

Here’s what you can expect on a retreat…

Workshops, workshops, workshops!

pangea dreams retreat
Photo by @samkat

I’ll start with this one, because this is usually what intrigues people in the first place! That was the case for me at least.

Like I mentioned in a recent blog post 5 Skill You Need to Learn as a Travel Blogger/Influencer, Pangea Dreams is one of the only places where you can learn ALL the workshops and skills you need to succeed in this space, all in ONE place! Not only is there extreme value in that, it’s also the quickest way to tackle all this learning. Plus, learning from a variety of online courses or on YouTube simply does not compare to learning in person, with experienced professionals.

Anyways, on to the logistics! Here are typical workshops you’ll most likely see on a retreat itinerary:

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Photography 101 (How to Shoot in Manual Mode)
  • Building a Dedicated Community on Instagram
  • Media Kits
  • Adobe Lightroom Editing for Beginners
  • SEO for Beginners
  • Brand and Hotel Collaborations
  • Passive and Active Income Strategies
  • Pinterest Marketing

Each retreat is different and the workshops may differ slightly each time, but you can expect to learn all the basics no matter which one you attend!

An Emphasis on Wellness

pangea dreams retreat
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Like most retreats, a week with Pangea Dreams is a week focused on wellness and self-care. These practices are so vital when it comes to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, so we at Pangea believe it’s incredibly important to teach and practice daily!

The itinerary consists of daily yoga (or some type of movement), gratitude/intention circles every morning, and healthy meals. You can also expect many discussions about the importance of self-love, whether that be in the form of workshops or just therapeutic talks with the hosts and attendees. 

Us hosts understand how much of an emotional roller coaster this journey can be, with fear and self-doubt at the forefront for many. That being said, we try to make it a safe space where we can freely talk about these road blocks and make each other stronger by supporting one another.

Bonding Activities & New Friendships 

pangea dreams retreat
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Because of the self-growth and exploration that takes place during this retreat, there is so much bonding that inevitably takes place. This community is the hardest aspect of them all to put into words, but you really walk away from this week with a new family. The bond goes much deeper than friends, because what you gain is unconditional love and support from like-minded girls that just “get it.” 

Even after both attending and leading PD retreats, I’m still in awe of how much transformation takes place when we gain this support system. It makes the nerve-wracking experience of investing in yourself and chasing your dreams seem SO much more attainable and exciting! In the end, it’s this Pangea community you gain that really pushes you to succeed, and definitely the most rewarding takeaway from the retreat.

I can’t even count on my hands anymore how many people I call sisters, am planning future trips/collaborations with, who constantly check in with me and root me on, and are my cheerleaders for life. This was something I had no idea I needed before attending a retreat, and now can’t even imagine my life without.

One-on-One Relationships with the Hosts

pangea dreams retreat
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The Pangea Dreams team of hosts (e-meet us all here!) is comprised of industry professionals who have a passion for helping others. Not only do we each hold careers in this entrepreneurial field, we also all know what it’s like to start from square one!

I think this is one thing that makes our mentorship and workshops so beneficial. We’ve personally experienced all the same struggles and doubts, so we share a very deep passion for helping others succeed in this space. Half of us are retreat alumni as well, meaning we even know what it’s like to be an attendee on the retreat!

Because of everything I just mentioned, you can think of hosts more like your sisters than anything else. It goes beyond just a teacher-student relationship because we all have such a personal connection to what you’re going through and have seen first-hand the wonders this retreat can do.

Excursions & Content Creation Opportunities

pangea dreams retreat
Photo by @samkat

While the retreat is heavily focused on learning, it still includes organized excursions for exploring and content creation! 

These excursions are great for both experiencing the local landscapes and culture, as well as putting to use what you learn in the workshops! While at times the hosts take photos for attendees (to show them the ropes and get everyone comfortable in front of the camera), the attendees also practice taking photos of each other too! Our goal is to make all attendees self-sufficient content creators in the long run, whether that be for your blog, company website, or Instagram.

Because of this emphasis on content creation when we explore, you can expect to leave the retreat with months of beautiful content!

*Side note: It must be noted that this is NOT a “travel” retreat. Even though it takes place abroad, the main focus is on the entrepreneurial workshops. If it’s your first time traveling to the retreat destination, we recommend arriving a few days early or to leave a few days later to give yourself more time to explore!

What You’ll Leave With

pangea dreams retreat
Photo by @samkat

To sum it up…

  • A grasp on your personal brand, how to shoot in manual and edit photos, how to pitch to brands/hotels, necessary steps for growing on Instagram, different ways to make money in this field, and more!!
  • Lifelong friends and travel buddies ?
  • Mentors that will guide and encourage you for life
  • A newfound confidence, not only because of your new skills, but because of the strong support system you gain
  • A game plan to tackle post-retreat

There’s SO much more I could write here, but like I said- It’s an experience that you must have for yourself in order to fully understand how special and valuable it is.

That being said though, I’m always up for one-on-one conversations about the retreat if you still have any questions! I’m more than happy to help, so just comment below or shoot me an email 🙂

pangea dreams retreat
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I owe so many of my successes, so much of my confidence and motivation, and SO many of my lifelong friends and coworkers to Pangea Dreams. I can’t recommend it enough and have never felt so passionate about anything in my life.

All my happy memories of breakthroughs, triumphs, belly laughs and hugs fueled me to write this post. If you’re still wondering if this retreat is for you, just know YOU deserve to experience this life-altering, magical week. We welcome everyone with open arms, no matter our differing backgrounds and goals, and we do so with such an intense desire to see you succeed.

If you’re reading this, I hope to meet you on a future retreat and welcome you into this amazing family of mine 🙂 If you’re ready to make the jump and invest in yourself, apply here ? I promise it’s a decision you’ll never regret!!

Xoxo ❤️,


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