Utah Roadtrip: Dead Horse Point & Arches National Park


Stop 1: Dead Horse Point State Park

Utah is home to some of the best road trip destinations in the world! All of it’s nature-made landscapes, canyons, national parks, and other natural wonders are equally as breathtaking as the next and there’s SO much to explore. Our first stop was Dead Horse State Park, a huge beautiful canyon that resembles a smaller Grand Canyon. There’s so many different lookout points with stunning views, I could of stayed there on those cliffs the whole day if it weren’t for the heat!! Words can’t even describe the looks of this place. Unforgettable.






Facts & Recommendations:

  • Entrance fee: $10 per vehicle
  • Things to do: Hike (all levels), mountain bike, do yoga, or simply drive your car to the lookout points
  • Bring lots of water if doing physical activity in the heat (they recommend a gallon per person)
  • Bring a picnic! My boyfriend and I drank beer and ate fruit overlooking the canyon and it was so nice!!

Stop 2: Moab, UT

After leaving Dead Horse Point, we arrived in Moab an hour later for dinner and our overnight cabin stay. Moab is surrounded by so much to see and do in nature, it leaves little room for boredom. This was actually a pleasant surprise because I was expecting the town to be quite dull since it’s kind of a “middle of nowhere” Utah town. But it’s packed with great restaurants, fun bars, and so many activity centers to help you get the most out of your visit. Everywhere you go in town is so quaint and charming and the red rocks that surround it all make it such a beautiful little place!! 

Moab Valley RV Resort
Love Muffin Cafe’s Chia & Flax Waffle
Moab Coffee Roaster’s Iced Coffee


Facts & Recommendations:

  • Where to eat:
    • Love Muffin Cafe for breakfast- get the chia flax waffle!
    • Moab Coffee Roasters for great iced coffee
    • The Spoke for dinner- High-end American restaurant with a big food and beer menu with reasonable prices
    • Eddie Mcstiffs for drinks- Go upstairs to the loft to watch sports on their comfy couches (we watched the NBA finals) and play pool and foosball
  • Where to stay: Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground
    • We got the Deluxe Cabin and got SO much for what we payed for (Only $100 for 1 night): comfy bed with pillows and blankets included, air conditioning, flat screen TV, mini fridge, shower with towels and shampoo/conditioner/soap
    • Probably the cheapest lodging you’ll find in all of Moab, besides the campgrounds
    • The staff are very friendly and helpful
    • The campground is surrounded by Moab’s beautiful red rock cliffs, but still located right off the main street, 4 minutes away from the center of town
  • What to do:
    • If you’re interested in any of the many activities Moab has to offer, there are several activity centers to organize this for you. These activities include: rock climbing, ATVing, zip lining, river rafting, and sky diving

Stop 3: Arches National Park

Our last stop was 15 minutes from Moab at Arches National Park, which is a HUGE valley of incredible nature-made, miraculously formed rocks,. It’s kind of impossible to put into words just how incredible the sight of these formations are. It’s so mind-blowing to see the things nature can do so the overall experience was very humbling. When you go, you hear different languages all around you because people come from all over the world to see these natural wonders and you can definitely see why when you’re there. I’m the biggest nature nerd (as you can probably already tell) and this experience just made me even more obsessed!!

The Balanced Rock


The Double Arch


Aaron (my BF) hiking to the Delicate Arch
Inside the Double Arch
Photographing the Delicate Arch


Facts & Recommendations:

  • Entrance fee: $10 per vehicle
  • Must sees: The Balanced Rock, the Double Arch, and the Delicate Arch
  • Last but not least, you MUST do the hike to the Delicate Arch- it is like nothing you’ll ever see in you’re life!!. Warning you that it says it’s only 1.1 mile but it’s mostly all uphill and takes about an hour and 15 minutes to get there (maybe longer depending on the heat) and about 40 minutes on the way back. BRING WATER. We didn’t bring any and it was grueling in the 97 degree weather.

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