Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Travel Lovers

gifts for travel lovers

If you’re still wondering what to get your globetrotting loved ones this holiday season, here’s my list of Top 10 Gifts for Travel Lovers ????

Whether they’re a travel blogger like myself or just a travel-addict in general, this list has something for every type of adventurer!

These are all the essentials that:

  1. I’ve found to be the most useful while on the go
  2. Are on my wish list this year
  3. Have completely transformed my experience as a frequent flyer

So they’re bound to please!

Here’s my Top 10 Gifts for Travel Lovers!

1. Away Luggage

gifts for travel lovers

Out of all the suitcases I’ve had over the years, Away luggage is my favorite, hands-down!

Not only are they incredibly sturdy and sleek, they also include a built-in portable charger, as well as a lock. With 4 wheels, they roll easily through the airport with just a light push, and they surprisingly fit SO much inside!

I’ve actually been able to travel with just a carry-on multiple times this year, solely because of my new Away bag.

2. Skyroam Portable WiFi

gifts for travel lovers

Skyroam is another item that made my list of gifts for travel lovers, simply because it has changed the way I travel! Having a WiFi connection while in a foreign country allows for so much. You can access maps for easy directions, stay up to date with emails on the go, as well as research the best restaurants and activities nearby.

The Skyroam Solis (pictured above) is definitely the best option, with it offering 4G connection in countless countries abroad!

3. Mophie Portable Charger

gifts for travel lovers

Portable chargers are incredibly useful gifts for travel lovers, and Mophie definitely makes the best ones!

When out exploring all day, it’s rare that your phone will stay alive for the entire day, so my Mophie has saved me on countless occasions! Whether that be preventing me from getting lost or being able to capture the entire day on my iPhone, the extra charge takes care of so many travel hiccups.

I personally love my regular sized Mophie because it lasts long and charges fast. However, if you have the budget, I’d recommend the XL battery. It has an even longer life and allows more devices to charge!

4. Mapiful Poster

gifts for travel lovers

Mapiful make’s sophisticated map posters that look great in any style home! These make great and affordable gifts for any traveler.

You can either choose a map of their hometown or any city they’ve fallen in love with abroad! All posters are fully customizable, from the location and colors, to the size and text.

5. VINTA Camera/Laptop Backpack

gifts for travel lovers

I recently discovered VINTA travel backpacks and fell in LOVE! Many bags on the market are either trendy or functional, but rarely are both.

Finally I found a bag that combines a stylish, sturdy design with functionality! Not only is it leather and waterproof, it also has compartments for a DSLR camera, a laptop, and all other necessary travel items.

6. Silk Eye Mask & Pillow

gifts for travel lovers

This set has been a game-changer on all my recent trips! I thank them both for drastically improving my sleep quality and hair health while jumping from place to place.

All because of my silk eye mask, I now enjoy long periods of uninterrupted sleep whenever I fly. The silk pillow case also improves sleep quality, but its main purpose is preventing hair damage. My hair was majorly suffering from switching climates and beds so frequently, and this pillowcase brought it back to life.

On top of all these perks, they both feel like you’re touching a cloud ????

7. 23 & Me DNA Kit

gifts for travel lovers

A 23 & Me DNA kit is a unique gift to give any traveler, especially since so many of us share an interest in our roots. Plus, getting the results is as easy as just mailing in a saliva sample ????

My mom gave this to my sister and I last year, and we plan to visit all the European countries together that our ancestors called home!

8. Cashmere Travel Sweats

gifts for travel lovers

Cashmere sweats aren’t the cheapest gifts for travel lovers and may not be a necessity. However, they’ll definitely win them over!! When spending so much time in airports year-round, this gift can be seen as a great investment actually.

Something Navy is a brand that makes amazing quality cashmere sweats. Also, the price seems to be more affordable than others, with the majority of others exceeding $200.

If cashmere sweats don’t fit your budget though, Lululemon and Athleta make incredibly comfy sweats for flying. No matter the material, this is always a useful gift for any traveler.

9. AirBnB or Flight Gift Card

gifts for travel lovers

An AirBnB or Flight Gift Card is definitely one of the most practical and safe gifts for travel lovers!

Flights and accommodation are obviously the priciest components of traveling, so either of these gift cards are guaranteed to please.

10. Bose Headphones

gifts for travel lovers

Bose noise-cancelling headphones are another gamer-changing essential! There’s nothing that makes a flight go by quicker than these things.

They make it SO much easier to sleep on planes and make all in-flight entertainment SO much more enjoyable. I’m such a happier and nicer person when flying because of these headphones ????

I hope you got some unique ideas from this list of gifts for travel lovers! Pin this post for all your future holiday shopping! ????


gifts for travel lovers

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