Packing Hacks: How to Fit Everything in a Carry On

packing hacks

Do you struggle with traveling light? I used to…before I learned these packing hacks!!

If your bag is always overpacked and overweight, or the thought of fitting everything in a carry on gives you anxiety ????, follow these packing hacks below! It will change the way you travel, I promise!

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  1. Away bags for the win!
    • I’ll be honest and tell you I didn’t even dream of packing only a carry on until I bought an Away bag! Its spacious design allows SO much to fit inside. Plus its other features, like a charging port, 360 degree wheels, and sturdy hard shell, make travel days so much smoother. P.S. Use the link above for $20 off your first bag!
  2. Pack multi-use garments
    • This is one of the most essential packing hacks I’ve learned! Make sure your clothes can be worn for multiple occasions and purposes. For example, your day shirt can double as pajamas and a workout shirt.
  3. Pack only color-coordinated clothing
    • If all your clothes are color-coordinated, that means EVERYTHING can mix and match into many outfits. Make sure to bring some accessories to add color and variety to your outfits!
  4. Only bring travel-sized liquid bottles
    • I think/hope everyone knows this by know, but all liquids have to be under 3.5 fluent ounces! So make sure to purchase travel-sized bottles beforehand for your toiletries in order to comply with carry on regulations. It will also save tons of room in your bag!
  5. Use the rolling method
    • This is another one of those game-changing packing hacks! Rolling your clothes into tight balls, rather than folding, allows SO much more to fit in your bag!
  6. Buy packing cubes or compression sacks
    • While packing cubes are great for organizing and tightly packing your clothes, compression sacks take it to the next level! By sucking the air completely out of the sack, you’ll be able to fit weeks of clothing into your carry on!
  7. Only pack a weeks worth of clothes and plan to do laundry on the road!
    • It may sound annoying, but it’s SO worth it! You’d also be surprised how long a week’s worth of clothes can stretch on for. This method can save you hundreds in checked baggage fees, and also makes airplane travel much more breezy. Less spending + less stress = win win!!
  8. Invest in an extra-large “personal item”
    • The majority of airlines allow one carry on suitcase as well as one personal item. This can be an extra-large backpack with several compartments for fitting anything you couldn’t squeeze into your carry on! Just make sure it fits under the seat in front of you ????
  9. Maximize every crevice in your suitcase
    • If you watched my packing hacks YouTube above, you’ll see I’m not afraid to stuff wherever necessary! Stuff socks into your shoes and pack your thin/small pieces of clothing last so that you can just stuff them wherever you see an opening! Because of this, also pack wrinkle releaser ????
  10. Wear all your heaviest clothing on travel days and layer up!
    • On flying days, I always wear a ton of layers, especially the big and heavy clothes I don’t want to take up space in my suitcase. For instance, make sure to wear your heaviest shoes, a sweatshirt, and a coat, and perhaps a scarf that doubles as in-flight blanket!

I hope these packing hacks help you fit everything into a carry on next time you fly! Let me know if you try any of these tips or if you have any to add to the list 🙂

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packing hacks

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