If you hate packing as much as I do, then you’ll love this travel essentials checklist!

There are certain travel essentials, regardless of the destination, climate, or occasion, that ALWAYS make my packing checklist. After traveling the world for over 2 years now, I can confidently say I’ve found my favorite brands and products that I never leave home without. Some of them save me money while on the go, some help maintain my health, and others just make traveling so incredibly effortless that you’d never miss the usual comforts of being home.

For a swifter, easier packing day, make sure to save this travel essentials checklist for later! It cuts the packing time in half and guarantees a prepared trip ahead ????

1. COOLA Sunscreen

travel essentials checklist

Protecting your skin while traveling is so important, especially when traveling to places with harsh sun. COOLA is organic, vegan, and doesn’t clog your pores, so it’s my go-to for sunscreen! It also leaves your skin feeling soft and not oily at all, unlike most sunscreens.

Favorite Products: 30 SPF Primer, 30 SPF Spray, Sunless Tan Mister, 30 SPF Matte Tint Face Sunscreen (I seriously could not narrow these down, I’m obsessed with all of them!)

2. Vanity Planet Hair Products

travel essentials checklist

Just like my skin, I go the extra mile to take care of my hair while traveling since a lot of damage can be done when switching climates and flying in planes. After coming back from my year of travel, I had lost half of my volume and knew I had to do major hair repair, so that’s when I turned to Vanity Planet. They have amazing, affordable hair (and beauty!) products that will bring your locks back to life!

Favorite Products: Moisturizing & Restorative Hair Mask and No Heat Wave Spray

3. Skyroam Portable WiFi

travel essentials checklist

Skyroam’s portable WiFi is a lifesaver, especially when traveling long-term or as a digital nomad. It’s also just the best when exploring new places. I never get lost because I can always use my GPS, and I ALWAYS find the best food and activities around me thanks to my WiFi connection! This means you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time researching. Before my Skyroam days, I would spend hours making daily itineraries since I knew I wouldn’t have access to my phone, but Skyroam allows me to search on the spot. I can’t imagine traveling without it now!

Also, in my opinion, none of the other brands I’ve tried compare to Skyroam because it’s sim-free, it works in over 100 different countries, and you only pay for the daily passes you need! There’s no overage charges or other hidden fees ????

Favorite Product: Skyroam Solis (Don’t forget to use my code LIGHTTRAVELS for 10% off when purchasing!)

4. Mophie Mini Portable Charger

travel essentials checklist

Portable chargers are the BEST for long-haul flights and long days out exploring, especially if your phone doubles as your camera and GPS! With a Mophie you’ll never have to interrupt your day and go back to your hotel just to charge your phone!

Favorite Product: Powerstation XL Universal Battery

5. Savvy Travelers Travel Wipes

travel essentials checklist

Savvy Travelers sells designer beauty wipes for nearly everything you can think of: Facial wipes, teeth wipes, deodorant wipes, surface wipes (have you ever heard the statistics about airplane tray table germs? ????), camera lens wipes…EVERYTHING! They’re super small and portable too and will keep you feeling your freshest no matter the occasion!

Favorite Product: The Getaway Kit

6. Wellness Bottles Canteens

travel essentials checklist

Bringing a canteen along while traveling will save tons of money, especially in places like Europe that have clean tap water, yet still charge for water everywhere you go! It’s also amazing for hydration on long-haul flights since the water airplanes give out is either minimal or for an extra fee. Wellness Bottles is my favorite brand I’ve owned because they fit A LOT of water and have a super durable design. They also keep your water cold for 24 hours, and the outside never sweats!

Favorite Brand: The one and only!

7. Giapenta Multiway Bra

travel essentials checklist

Giapenta has created the best travel bra, hands-down! The Kavala Multiway Bra can be worn 13 different ways, which makes it a great space-saver when it comes to packing. Also, it’s made with TempPro fabric, meaning it adjusts to your body temperature ???? This is SO helpful when traveling to extreme temperatures, especially the humid, muggy destinations.

Favorite Product: Kavala Multiway Bra

8. In Flight Mind Travel Kit

travel essentials checklist

This travel kit is a savior on long-haul flights! It includes EVERYTHING: A neck pillow, ear plugs, eye mask, adaptors, headphones, etc. If you’re flying economy, this kit makes the flight much more comfortable and will  help you get some sleep. I can’t sleep on long flights now without my kit!

Favorite Products: The complete travel set, but they also sell everything in the set separately!

9. Case+Drift Travel Blankets

travel essentials checklist

Case+Drift’s incredibly comfy travel blankets also act as a beach towel, picnic and plane blanket, AND a scarf! These are always my favorite travel products to discover- the ones that have endless purposes, yet are extremely portable! I never travel without my blanket now, and they’re such a beautiful addition to my Instagram photos!

Favorite Products: The Ballina Towel– So soft and photogenic!

10. ALOHA Waterproof Pouches & Totes

travel essentials checklist

If you’re going somewhere tropical, somewhere where there’s rain or snow, or just want to store your liquids in a safe place, ALOHA makes the most incredible waterproof bags and cases! Recently my toothpaste and shampoo exploded in my suitcase while flying (who else has dealt with this annoyance before ????), but nothing was damaged because of my ALOHA bag!

I’ve also used my pouches to organize all my travel gear, and it makes living out of suitcase so much easier. I have one case for chargers, one for my beauty products, and one for my camera gear!

Favorite Products: Mid-Size Bungalow Case and the RVS Coco Palms Tote

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travel essentials checklist

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