5 Ways To Transform Your Life Through Travel

transform your life through travel

Without a doubt, travel has an immense power to change our lives for the better. Whether it’s due to stepping outside of your comfort zone or witnessing a new sight, culture, or landscape for the first time, travel experiences are always eye-opening and transformational in one way or another.

If you’re seeking ways to bring positive change into your life, just hop on the next plane, train, or boat! See what’s thrown your way and how it shapes you ?

Here’s my top 5 ways to transform your life through travel…

1. Attend A Retreat

transform your life through travel

A retreat is the perfect way to combine a plethora of different experiences into one: Skill building, networking, relaxing, and most of all, transforming your life for the better! After attending the Fit Life Creation retreat in Havana, Cuba, I can confidently say that travel retreats are one of my favorite ways to experience a new country.

On Fit Life Creation’s Influencer Retreat, activities, meals, and itineraries were already taken care of so we got the chance to sit back and just go along for the ride! Plus, practicing and learning new skills in an unchartered environment amplified my transformational growth tenfold. On top of all that, I formed life-long connections with like-minded travelers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. It was truly the best way to jumpstart my goals for 2017!! If this sounds like a retreat that would interest you, make sure to check out Fit Life Creation’s upcoming retreats in Atlanta and Brazil! Don’t forget to use my code “Carly” to get 10% off 🙂

No matter what retreat interests you, whether it be a yoga, life counseling, volunteer, or adventure retreat, you can expect to come back from each one a changed person.

2. Travel Solo Or With A Loved One

transform your life through travel

Both traveling solo and with a loved one are extremely transformational in different ways. Traveling alone definitely pushes you to step outside your comfort zone. In doing so, it teaches you self competence and self love in a manner unparalleled to others. It also gives you ample time for self reflection, as well as countless opportunities to form new connections along your journey.

Traveling with a loved one, whether that be your intimate partner or best friend, is also incredibly transformational. As it forces you to practice your communication skills, you’ll also be constantly bonding over the unknown. There’s no better feeling than to share such rare, authentic travel experiences with a partner, and they’re experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime!!

3. Meet Locals & Fellow Travelers

transform your life through travel

Meeting both locals and fellow travelers on the road opens your eyes to a new way of living completely different from your own. Something about this knowledge expands the mind in a way that can only be achieved through travel! Suddenly, the bubble you once lived in becomes shattered, and your place in the world feels smaller. That might sound scary to some, but it’s truly the most humbling experience in the world!

When traveling, converse with the locals and be open to take a peak inside their world! The same goes for meeting fellow travelers- go out of your way to make connections, ask questions, and experience their cultures through stories.

Everyone I’ve met during my travels has changed me in one way or another and are responsible for some of my best travel memories!

4. Volunteer & Give Back

transform your life through travel

It’s no surprise that volunteer travel would make this list. In fact, volunteering brings about the most profound changes for most.

I don’t advise volunteer work as a self-motivated way to transform- I’d hope everyone would genuinely want to give back to those less fortunate than us! The two experiences though inevitably go hand-in-hand. By simply witnessing a community less fortunate than your own, you change the way you view your own life and the things that matter. Not only do you come back more grateful for what you have, you’ll have broken the barrier between “us and them.” These experiences are so special because they show you just how similar we are as humans, despite our material differences.

5. Explore Unfamiliar Landscapes

transform your life through travel

Undoubtedly, the places that have pushed me to grow the most are the ones that were “uncomfortable.” Not necessarily uncomfortable in a negative way. In fact, many of these destinations are even listed amongst my top 10 favorites around the world! But, the fact that they forced me to overcome the confusing and downright frightening made my transformation exponential in the end.

Some of these places for me included…

  • South Africa, where wild animals ran the show instead of humans
  • Japan, where everything from the alphabet to the language was one big mystery
  • Morocco, where the culture and religion was worlds apart from my own.

Like I said though, these three countries are among my favorites in the world ? Don’t confine yourself to the familiar! The “uncomfortable” places are the ones that will transform your life in ways you didn’t know possible.

How will you transform your life through travel? Which experiences have had a profound impact on you? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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transform your life through travel


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