Koh Nang Yuan: a collection of 3 small private  islands connected by a thin sandbar, and surrounded by crystal-clear aquamarine water on all sides ????

The features of Koh Nang Yuan are almost other-wordly with its humongous boulders decorating the coast, lush jungle peaks, and turquoise water that’s equally as beautiful as the abundant fish swimming in it. From the birds-eye view above, I’m sure you can see that this place is truly a natural wonder!!

If you are in Koh Tao, a day trip to KNY should be at the top of your list, as it’s only 10 minutes away via longtail boat! Follow this guide below to make the most of your visit and learn all the necessary information you should know before sailing over ????

How To Get There


Longtail boats are the cheapest and fastest way to get to Koh Nang Yuan. You can find these”taxi boats” almost anywhere along the beach on Koh Tao and will probably be approached by over 10 or so captains that want to take you there! That being said, finding transportation here should be effortless!

From Sairee Beach, you’ll find the cheapest roundtrip fares, for 300 Baht (~$8.50) per person. Before making your way over, you agree with your captain how many hours you want to stay and they’ll come back for you when you’re ready to leave! Don’t worry about getting ripped off, they always come back when scheduled!


When You Get There…


Be prepared to pay an entrance fee of 100 Baht per person (~$2.80) as it is a private island. Don’t bring any plastic water bottles with you because they will be taken at the entrance (they only use recycled glasses on the island, no plastic!).

What to Expect


Koh Nang Yuan is incredibly popular among tourists and it’s very small in size, so expect a huge crowd on the sandbar. When I arrived at 12:30 there was barely any room left on the beach (but I also went on a weekend during high season)!

Sadly, due to the humongous crowd, there was tons of litter on the beach- glass water bottles, soda cans, and straws everywhere. It was so sad to see ???? Even though trash cans are limited on the island, make sure to throw away your trash!! This place it too beautiful to be ruined by humans ????

On a more positive note, even the crowds and the litter couldn’t take away from the jaw-dropping sight of this place. It’s paradise and you’ll feel completely surrounded by stunning nature wherever you go!


Activities on the Island


Things you can do on the island include: hiking to the viewpoint, snorkeling, sunbathing, and dining/drinking at the 1 restaurant/bar they have on the island.

The viewpoint should be at the top of your list, even if it does get jam-packed up there, because the aerial view of the islands and sandbar is unreal! Expect to hike 10 minutes up [very] steep steps to get there though!

I personally didn’t get a chance to snorkel (I’m still recovering from eardrum surgery), but my boyfriend did and he said it was awesome! Don’t expect to see anything crazy like turtles or rays, but you’ll see schools of hundreds of fish that are of all sizes and neon in color ????

As for the single restaurant on the island, I followed everyone’s advice and didn’t eat there. Supposedly the food is pretty expensive, yet pretty nasty lol! I did enjoy a cold beer though on their deck overlooking the water ????


Thanks for reading my guide???? If you have any other tips, stories, or suggestions regarding Koh Nang Yuan, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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