The Perfect 24 Hour Travel Guide to Koh Phi Phi


Koh Phi Phi is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists, which should come as no surprise! Everything from it’s rugged limestone cliffs, bright aquamarine waters, and abundant wildlife are all jaw-droppingly beautiful and probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your life ?

Another great thing about Koh Phi Phi is its small size, making all its must-see sights and activities accessible in just one day. If you follow this guide, you’ll even be able to conquer it all in just a half day, and for a super reasonable price too! Keep reading and you’ll even find some exclusive secrets and tips that a majority of the other tourists and organized tours don’t know about…

Stop 1: Find Yourself a Personal Boat Driver for 4 hours


That’s not a typo, all you need is 4 hours and you won’t even feel rushed! Not only is the amount of time perfect for your upcoming 4 stops of the day, it’s also half the price of paying for a full day. Plan on hiring a driver at 1 PM in order to avoid the morning/early afternoon crowds!

The price for my boyfriend and I was 1,600 Thai Baht/~46 USD, so only $23 each and even cheaper if there’s more people in your group! Something to keep in mind though- this was the set price given to us from our resort, which was about 35 minutes away from Koh Phi Phi Lee (the island you’ll be visiting). That being said, bargain for cheaper if your starting port is the main dock of Koh Phi Phi Don (where all the Phi Phi hotels/hostels are located + the ferry dock) since it’s MUCH closer.

Tip: Hiring a private longtail boat driver is MUCH better than paying for an organized tour.  Not only do you get a more private experience, you have the freedom to choose your own itinerary! Plus, many of the organized tours all show up at the same locations, at the same times, meaning you’ll spend your day constantly surrounded by crowds of tourists.

Stop 2: The Famous Maya Bay


Maya Bay is probably the most famous location in Koh Phi Phi, due to it’s notoriety from “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Plus, it’s INSANELY beautiful- the color of the water + the towering cliffs are so stunning, you have to keep blinking to believe your eyes!!

Make sure to take a swim in the crystal waters and float around in the water caves under the humongous cliffs!

Tip: There’s an added fee to visit Maya Bay of 200 Baht per person (prices may change though depending on the season). This fee isn’t very regulated, since you have to walk up to the booth to pay yourself, which was a bit far from the shore. I’m not suggesting that people don’t pay the fee, just noting that it’s unclear how required it is…I payed anyway, in hopes that it goes to keeping the bay clean and pristine!

Stop 3: Snorkeling in Loh Samah Bay


This bay is home to some of the best snorkeling in all of Thailand due to its massive schools of colorful fish! The water in this bay too is extra clear, meaning incredible views of the underwater seascape and fishies! ?

Prepare to spend the most time at this stop and don’t forget your snorkel mask!

Tip: Bring some crackers or watermelon so you can feed the fish! After releasing it into the water, you’ll be surround by hundreds of them!! It’s such  a crazy sight to witness them all swimming around your head ?

Stop 4: Floating in Pileh Lagoon


Pileh Lagoon is a massive pool of deep aquamarine water, completely surrounded by a humongous limestone mountains. The color of the water here is bound to blow your mind!

Make a stop here even if it’s just to take in the sights or do some front flips off the boat, like a lot of the other tourists that visit this stop.

Tip: If you like, take some beers with you on your trip, throw on a life jacket, and drink away while floating in the lagoon! I saw a bunch of other groups doing this and was very envious ?

Stop 5: Feeding Wild Monkeys on Monkey Beach


Where else in the world can you feed wild monkeys, while knee-deep in the ocean?! This experience was truly incredible and probably one of the funniest things you’ll witness in your life? The monkeys here are very used to being fed by humans and are not afraid to come take some crackers right out of your hand!

Make sure you remain in the water while feeding them to ensure your safety. There are countless horror stories about people getting attacked by threatened monkeys on land and having to go to the hospital for rabies shots after. Also, opt for crackers instead of water bottles when feeding them- all the empty water bottles end up polluting the shore/water.

Tip: Instead of going to the biggest & most popular “Monkey Beach” ask your driver to take you to the smaller cove right before it instead. My boyfriend and I were the only ones in the cove feeding the monkeys (whom our guide said were much less aggressive) and it made the experience even more memorable [and much safer]!!

I hope you enjoyed my 24 hour guide to Koh Phi Phi! Let me know in the comments below if there’s any other must-see spots to add to my list ?

24 thoughts on “The Perfect 24 Hour Travel Guide to Koh Phi Phi”

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  2. hy there,

    anyway, thank you for the tips on your blog, i really like how you tell and give us the information about the itinerary in phiphi,
    one thing i want to ask, so it means that i have to book my private boat driver from the hotel that you stayed at? holiday inn?

    i plan to go there by nextweek, and yup i really wish i can have my own tail boat to rent, so i can decide where i wanna go, and the important thing is, theres no other people in that boat 😀
    and yeah i think i interesting to follow your guide 😀

    many thanks before

    1. Hi Ade!!

      No, the longtail boat was not booked with my hotel (I’m sure it would of been way more expensive if I did that!). There was about 10 boats parked along the shore next to my hotel and that’s who I booked with! Just went up to one of the drivers and negotiated a price. You’ll notice that these longtail boats are everywhere on the island, even if you’re not staying at the Holiday Inn!

      Let me know if you have any other questions. So happy you liked my guide and found it helpful 🙂 I hope you have the best time!!! Koh Phi Phi is amazing!

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  4. Coty Saldarriaga Vilela

    Hi, I noted the weather was perfect and not crowed, What date was your trip?. What is the best date for travel to Thailand?. What hotel do you recommend me in Phi Phi island?.

    1. Hi Coty!

      I went the second week of March, which is known for being its dry season! Winter is actually considered the best time to visit because it’s not unbearably hot and has little rain.

      I wrote a post on the Holiday Inn Koh Phi Phi if you want to take a look! It was a pricey hotel, but so nice and beautiful!

      Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Hi I love your guides and I’ve really been using them to plan out my trip. Question tho, What would be the easiest way to get to koh phi phi? I’ll be in chaing Mai so should I fly towards there or is there a train? And how long does it take to travel there from CM?


    1. Hi Heidi!

      I’m so happy to hear that!! 🙂

      The best way to get there from Chiang Mai would be flying to Krabi or Phuket (check which is cheaper!), then taking a ferry from there. A lot of the domestic flights I purchased were for as low as $35, so it beat every other form of slow transportation. That being said, I don’t have experience with bus/train travel in Thailand, but recommend you check SkyScanner for flight prices!

      From Krabi and Phuket, the ferries are only 1.5 hours to Phi Phi and very cheap! A direct flight should be about 2 hours to both of these towns so you’ll need to dedicate a half day of travel to getting there from Chiang Mai.

      I hope that helps!! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

      1. currently booking and making arrangements to go to the islands since i convinced my friend how easy it is with your guide 🙂

        another question though, what ferry did you take to the island?

        thanks again!

  6. HI there!

    I just found your blog and it’s amazing! I also saw the video on yt! hope I’ll get such a nice experience as you had! I’m going to Thiland in one week and now I’m trying to organise everythig and i’ve got a question to you i’m a girl 20 yo and I’m going alone do you think it’s safe to take the private boat to phi phi and this islands around or maybe it’s better to go with other random people? I mean is it really that safe as people say it is?

    And also I read that I don’t have to book before for the boat so If I go there at 9 am there will be no problem to get it? 🙂

  7. Ah and also I forgot to ask sorry hehe did you took from Krabi a ferry to the Phi Phi and from there you took other boat to get around? or from Krabi you can take this private boat directly?


    1. Hi Klaudia!!

      So happy you like my blog and video 🙂

      It is definitely as safe as you heard!! So don’t worry. You’ll be very safe on your own for a private tour. And yes, there’s SO many longtail boats waiting to take people on tours at the ferry dock, so don’t worry about booking ahead. Lastly, I took the ferry boat from Krabi, put my things down at my hotel, then got a longtail from there at around 1 PM to take me on my tour! Nothing planned in advance 🙂

      Hope that helps and I hope you have the most amazing time!! Koh Phi Phi is INCREDIBLE!!

  8. Hi. I was wondering if I am coming from Koh Samui and I have one night in Phi Phi at the Holiday Inn. Can I go on that 4 hour excursion the same day I arrive? What is he latest time those boats leave to Maya Bay? Thank you

    1. Hi Maury!

      I wrote out a reply on my cell when you posted this but it looks like it never went through! So sorry!! Hope you haven’t had your trip yet and I can still help. I left at 1 PM and the tours usually need to end anytime 4-5 PM. Hope that helps 🙂

      1. Thank you. Somewhere else I read that tours are also available after 5pm. I haven’t left yet. I leave you Thailand on 03/14/17.

  9. Amazing. I will definitely follow this guide when I visit the island. I am travelling on my own so not too sure about the private boat…

    1. Hi Kay!

      Thank you!! I’m so happy you found it helpful 🙂 Definitely try recruiting some other travelers to join you on splitting a private tour! So worth it!!

  10. Hey hi..
    Greetings.. Sweet write up.. And beautiful video too.. What brings me here is that we both share the same interests.. Phi phi !!
    I will be staying in phuket during nov 2017.. And plan to visit phi phi from phuket.. So I’ll be planning a day trip.. Wud definitely want to visit pileh lagoon and loh samah bay.. And Wud like to do it on the private boats lime u went on.. But since my starting point is phuket.. Basically patong.. How Wud u recommend me to go about this itinerary of mine from patong.. By the private boat to these places and maybe a few others.. And back to patong.. But on a budget.. Little info Wud definitely make it easier for me to plan my trip..

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Thanks so much Prasad!!

      I believe you can take the ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi and back for a very low cost! When the ferry drops you in Phi Phi, you’ll see numerous long tail boats to hire for the day or for a half day like I did. Very easy!! Definitely recommend this option 🙂

      Have an amazing trip!

      -Carly <3

  11. hello there!!I am visiting Thailand next month with my husband and I find your blog really helpful!So, We will be staying at Ao Nang in order to make many excursions but I just wanted to ask you, if you recommend spending one night at phiphi to make the private tour, or is it ok to return to Krabi the same day.we were thinking to spend there one night and go back to Krabi the next day, so as to be more relaxed, but I would like your opinion too! We love to go to Maya bay but really want to avoid the big crowds and the private tour seems the best solution- hope it will easy to do it at the time we arrive there!!! Thanx a lot in advance!!Greetings from Greece!

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