The Best Camera Gear For Travel Bloggers

camera gear for travel

If you’re a travel blogger looking to up your photography game, I got you covered! Below you’ll find a roundup of all the best camera gear for travel bloggers.

Whether you’re into artsy travel shots where you’re the focus, travel vlogging, or landscape photography, I’ve included the best camera gear for all of the above. Throughout my years as a travel blogger, I’ve invested a lot of the money I’ve made into trying out a variety of gear.

After lots of trial and error, this is the gear that consistently came out on top. I never leave for a trip without these items in my suitcase!

Best Camera Bodies

camera gear for travel

Camera bodies are usually the biggest investment of them all! All of the bodies below are “full-frame” meaning they don’t crop your images and most accurately replicate the what the human-eye sees. They also yield the highest quality images with the most megapixels (and therefore the most editing power in Adobe Lightroom).

  • Canon 5D IV: This is what I personally use and I’m in LOVE! I’m a Canon-trained girl, so I may be biased, but I’m obsessed with this camera body. It’s pricey at $2,500, but if you’re serious about photography, it’s worth every penny.
  • Sony a7R III: This camera is much more lightweight than the Canon 5D, so I know a lot of travelers that are diehard Sony fans. I’ll be honest, if I didn’t learn photography with a Canon from the jump, I’d probably make the switch!
  • Nikon D850: The Nikon equivalent to the above. I’ve heard a rumor that Canon and Sony are better than Nikon, but my only two friends that are photographers are both loyal Nikon users that wouldn’t consider using any other camera. I think that says a lot!

Side Note: All of these camera bodies are EXPENSIVE. My advice to beginners though who are serious about travel blogging/photography: Invest in your gear! I originally bought the Canon 7D II when I first started travel blogging, and it was a great camera. However, I wish I just used that money towards the 5D I eventually ended up buying. This job is very visual, and I know a lot of the collaborations I book is because of my high-quality Canon 5D content . That’s my two cents!

If you’re still on the fence about whether you want to make travel-blogging a full-time job or aren’t too concerned about photography- that’s OK too!!

Here’s the best camera bodies for beginners:

Best Lenses

camera gear for travel

What’s awesome about lenses is that you can capture incredibly high-quality images as long as you have a great quality lens! So if you’re not ready to invest in a pricey camera body, start with a lens first πŸ‘.

Below are the best lenses for travel blogging & travel photography:

  • Fixed Lens: 24 mm (f1.4) Sigma Art lens
    • This lens completely transformed my travel photography. All of my photos on Instagram are shot with this lens! It’s especially incredible for travel bloggers for a couple reasons. First off, it’s wide angle, meaning it allows you to capture a great deal of the background landscape. Since it’s a fixed lens though (rather than a zoom), it still keeps the subject SUPER clear and crisp! Sigma Art lenses in particular have beautiful vignettes and dramatic colors, which give your photos a striking, artsy look.
    • The above link is for a Canon camera body, but Sigma also sells lenses adapted for Sony and Nikon.
  • Zoom Lens: Canon EF 24-70 mm (f2.8)
    • With this being a zoom lens, you have the capability of capturing both closeup and landscape shots! Like any zoom lens, it doesn’t yield as crisp of shots as a fixed lens. With its low aperture though, it’s one of the best zoom lenses for crisp photos and depth of field! I use this lens when I’m shooting video too so I can easily switch between focal points.
    • Here are the Sony and Nikon equivalents for this lens!

Best Tripod

camera gear for travel

A tripod is an essential piece of gear for travel bloggers, especially if you’re traveling solo, or want to capture couple or group photos!

Here’s my favorite tripod:

  • SOMEI Compact Tripod: Affordable, portable (can fit in a carry on!), and sturdy enough to handle heavy DSLRs!

Best Travel Vlogging Camera

camera gear for travel
  • Canon G7x II: This is hands-down the best vlogging camera out there! It’s super lightweight, has a low aperture to capture artsy shots with great depth of field, it automatically smooths skin (for 24/7 Paris filter look πŸ˜‚), and has a screen that flips up that allows you to see yourself/what’s in focus while filming yourself.

Best Action Camera

camera gear for travel

I think it’s important to note this first: Action cameras will not compare in quality to the cameras listed above. However, they are the best for capturing underwater & action shots, and any other shots where you’d be worried about your gear getting dirty!

  • GoPro HERO8: Probably comes as no surprise, but GoPros are definitely the best on the market when it comes to action cameras!

Extra Camera Gear for Travel Bloggers

camera gear for travel
  • Camera Bags/Protective Gear: Mega Gear! They have high-quality camera bags for an affordable price. This bag is my personal favorite because it fits my camera body + 2 lenses! It also has extra room for my iPhone, a small wallet, and any extra batteries.
  • Extra Batteries: These are essential for long shoot days and travel days!
  • SD Cards: I stick to Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards because they can handle 4K footage and are SUPER speedy! If you ever experience lag time in your shutter when you’re shooting, it’s usually because your SD can’t process fast enough! This is why I spend the extra money and buy the Extreme Pro version.

I hope roundup of the best camera gear for travel bloggers helps you bring your travel photography to the next level! If you have any questions about any of the gear listed, please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email! I’m more than happy to help πŸ₯°

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