This is How Much a Thailand Vacation Costs


As a prime budget destination that tops countless bucket lists, many tourists are wondering exactly how much a Thailand vacation costs. With Thailand currently being one of the most popular wanderlust locations on the market [and after receiving innumerable emails asking about its prices], I decided it was time to give everyone a breakdown of the average costs!

This guide will provide you with all the basic costs you’ll encounter on a Thailand vacation. This way, you’ll be able to budget for your future visit, know just how much money it will cost to book, as well as familiarize yourself with the daily expenditures you’ll be making.

All prices on this list are estimated high season averages quoted in USD. Note that in the majority of cases, prices during shoulder and low seasons are even lower (many times even half the price!)!

* This post was written in 2016 and prices may change as Thailand’s economy and tourism rates fluctuate. Also, keep in mind that Thailand vacation costs change with seasons and location.

Thailand Vacation Costs: A Breakdown by Category



  • Hostels: $5-$10/night
  • 3-Star Hotel: $15 & up
  • 4-Star Hotel: $25 & up
  • 5-Star Hotel: $50 & up

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how much thailand vacation costs


  • Roundtrip Flights (the earlier you book, the cheaper!): $450-$1,500 from North America
  • 10 Minute Ride:
    • Songthaew (shared transportation in 10-seater truck/bus): ~$1.50/person
    • Taxi: ~$4 total (not per person)
    • Tuk Tuk: ~$8 & up total (*prices fluctuate due to scammers!)
  • Long Distance Bus Travel:
    • Exceeding 2 hours: ~$20 & up
    • Overnight bus: Usually half the price or so of normal rates!
  • Ferry Travel:
    • 1-3 Hour Ferry: $15-$40
  • Longtail Boats:
    • Beach transfers: ~$3-5/person
    • Island Hopping: $15-$40 total
  • Domestic Flights: $30-$90
  • Scooter Rental: ~$5/day
  • Car Rental: ~$27/day (depending on the season)

how much thailand vacation costs


  • Island hopping on private long tail boat: ~$40 total for full day & ~$20 total for half day
  • Guided island and marine park tours: $35-$50/person
  • Elephant Sanctuaries: $60-$150
  • National parks and marine parks entrance fee: $1.50-$5
  • Snorkel Tours: $15-$40
  • Scuba Diving Tours: $40 & up
  • Beach Entrances: Free
  • Massages: $3-$20

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Food & Drinks

  • Street food: ~$1-$3
  • Midrange Restaurant Meal: $5-$10
  • White Tablecloth Restaurant: $10-$20
  • Water Bottles: under $1
  • Beer: $1.50
  • Cocktails: ~$3
  • Buckets: $5

how much thailand costs shopping


  • Elephant Pants: $3-$6
  • Beach Bags: $3-$6
  • Jewelry: $1.50-$3
  • Hats: ~$3
  • Thai Spices: ~$1

Average Daily & Overall Costs

how much thailand vacation costs

Daily & Weekly Costs Depending on Budget

  • Minimum (hostel, street food + 3 waters, walking/songthaew transportation, free activities): ~$25/day & ~$175/week
  • Standard (3-star hotel, 2 sit-down meals [free breakfast at hotel], 2 taxi/songthaew rides, budget activities): ~$45/day & ~$300/week
  • Maximum (5-star hotel, white tablecloth meals, 2 tuk tuk/taxi rides, expensive tours): ~$135 and up/day & ~$750 and up/week

Overall Trip Price

Based on 2-week roundtrip price with visits to 3 different Thailand locations:

~$850 minimum to ~$3,000 maximum

how much thailand vacation costs

Still Wondering Where Your Budget Fits In?

The overall price range may seem like a wide gap,but from the averages above, you’ll see that it’s very easy to control the amount you spend and stay within your particular budget.

If the minimum price tag is beyond your budget, it can easily be lowered through a number of methods like buying your own groceries and cooking meals, splitting costs with multiple travel buddies, partaking in Thailand’s abundant free activities, and designating your main mode of transportation to walking (this is doable in almost every popular Thailand destination!). Also, as I mentioned earlier, Thailand vacation costs are much cheaper during shoulder and low seasons.

If you have the money to spend, feel free to “splurge”! The quantity and quality you receive for spending a few extra dollars is mind-blowing! Things you never had the luxury of affording on previous vacations are cheap and plentiful in Thailand, like massages, shopping sprees, and private island-hopping tours. Plus, a wide variety of free amentities are usually included in budget hotel prices like free WiFi, breakfast, and daily waters, while budget tours offer free lunch and pick ups/drop offs.

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I hope this post helps make your Thailand wanderlust a reality! Did I forget any major costs? Did your Thailand vacation costs differ from my breakdown above? I’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns, and any additions! ?



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  1. Great post! Brings back so many memories of my time in Thailand. I would like to comment on your daily costs for the minimum amount. While perhaps you could get buy on spending $10 for one day up in the north like in Chiang Mai, I don’t think it is at all feasible for a weekly or longer budget. A night in one of the cheaper hostels usually averages around close to $10 itself. $25/day would be a much more realistic budget for the more thrifty-minded travelers (myself averaged between $30-$40 with only slight splurges). And or course, travelling slower would help to reduce your daily costs as well, as transportation between cities is the most expensive part.

    1. Hi Chris!

      Just saw this, sorry for the delayed response! You’re totally right, thanks for catching my mistake!! I forgot to include the price of the hostel entirely ? Making my edit now! 🙂

  2. LOVED this article! It gave me a great sense of what it will actually cost to travel in Thailand. I like how you gave ranges for different types of budgets 🙂

    1. Hi Vanessa!

      I believe March-May is the driest season, with the most sun. But this usually means it’s also the most touristy/most expensive time to visit. If you want to score cheaper prices, I recommend traveling during November-February, Thailand’s mild season!

      -Carly <3

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