20 Tips On Staying Healthy While Traveling

healthy traveling tips

Tips to stay healthy while traveling?! It may seem like a lot of work, but these 20 tips are incredibly simple and make healthy traveling second-nature! The main ideas they focus on are:

  • Incorporating exercise into your travel routine
  • Learning how to indulge smartly
  • How to maintain healthy eating habits on the go
  • How to combat the downfalls of travel that ruin a healthy routine

If you can master a healthy routine at home, you can do so on the road as well! Just familiarize yourself with these 20 tips, and you’ll successfully master the art of healthy traveling  😊💪

staying healthy traveling tips

1. Make walking your main method of transportation

Let’s start with the obvious. Many times, simply walking a city is the best way to explore the sights. Plus, it allows you to see the city from a new perspective, off the beaten path. Save your money and skip the taxis or metro, and spend the afternoon exercising and exploring simultaneously! It’s the best free workout that traveling provides you!

2. Pick 1 daily 5-minute full body workout

When it comes to maintaining definition and muscle, this is my biggest secret! Before heading out for a day of sightseeing, I make sure to complete my “Series of 5” full-body pilates routine first. It only takes me 5 minutes to complete, yet it’s the reason I haven’t lost all the hard work I put in during my weekly Pilates clases at home. You’ll be surprised to see how far muscle memory can go with just a little daily workout routine!

3. Eat locally

Local farmer’s markets are a great way to eat healthy for cheap! Plus, they allow you to sample the best home-grown produce of the region, and give you a peak at how the locals eat! Fresh fruits and veggies bought at the market make for the best on-the-go snacks while traveling!

staying healthy traveling tips

4. Wear an exercise band

My Nike Fuelband has proved to be one of my greatest health motivators during constant months of travel! It’s given me an idea of how much exercise I’m getting by just walking around a city or simply staying on my feet for over 5 minutes. It may sound unnecessary to some, but often it’s this simple sense of awareness that we need in order to keep active and push to increase activity levels.

5. When indulging, do so in a way that adds to your travel experience!

When indulging (as you should on vacation!), indulge as the locals do! Feast on that specific destination’s most decadent desserts or drink copious amounts of their local wine. This way, it was just as much of a cultural experience as it was an indulgent one 😉

6. Scope out activities and attractions that involve exercise

Depending on the destination, it’s usually quite easy to find must-see attractions that combine sightseeing and exercise into one. Research lookouts that require hiking or stair climbing, or activities that are exercise in themselves, like diving or biking. Even museum visits count as exercise- as long as you’re on your feet for more than 5 minutes, your body goes into calorie-burning mode!

healthy travel tips excercise

7. Eat these foods sparingly

The most important foods to eat in moderation are: starchy carbs (like bread), cheese, processed food, and sugar. All of these foods are either void of nutrients or supply the body with too much of one nutrient. Don’t drive yourself crazy avoiding these kinds of food, just keep in mind that they’re easily over-consumed from a nutrition standpoint.

8. Wake up early

Time plays an important part in staying on routine, especially when traveling. With most of your time dedicated to exploring, wake up early to tackle everything on your list! Do yourself a favor and sleep in from time to time while on vacation, but don’t write off early rising entirely! Even if you don’t plan on working out during your trip, you’d still be surprised how many more extra sights you can tick off just by waking up a couple hours earlier.

9. Rent an AirBnB

This tip makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining healthy eating habits. Eating out for every meal takes away your control of portion sizes and knowing which ingredients go in your food. With an AirBnB rental, you gain back this control by being able to cook your own healthy meals [and meanwhile, save money too!].


10. Stay hydrated

Especially during long days of exploring, make sure you’re staying hydrated! Not only will it maintain your overall general health, but it also helps you accurately read your body’s hunger signals. Hunger and thirst are processed in the same part of the brain, often causing us to confuse our dehydration for hunger! After heavy days of activity, this confusion may occur more than regular!

11. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone

If you still don’t consider a day of sightseeing as “excercise” and wish to carry out your regular workout routine, at least do so in a way that combines your routine with your new surroundings! Go for a run around the city or do an hour of yoga on the beach!

12. Embrace healthy local cuisines

Depending on the destination, many times you’ll be presented with the opportunity to adopt a new style of eating! Take advantage of healthy Mediterranean eating habits with it’s emphasis on lean protein and veggies! Go with the flow and eliminate dairy and bread from your diet, like they do in numerous Asian-based diets. It was from adopting these new local cuisines that I’ve discovered my favorite healthy eating styles and which foods agree best with my body!

staying healthy traveling tips

13. Download an on-the-go fitness app

This is another easy way to add some quick exercise to your daily routine! With apps like 7 Minute Workout or Nike Training Club, you can casually incorporate workouts into your fitness regimen that take under 10 minutes to complete! Start your day off strong and do them in your hotel room after breakfast, before you head out for the day!

14. Avoid unnecessary sugar spikes

Another shocker 😉 Sweets and alcoholic beverages should be consumed in moderation! If you go too crazy, you’ll be left with crashes in your energy levels and sometimes uncontrollable cravings! If you’re someone that loves dessert or having a few glasses of wine, just keep in mind sugar’s role in the grander scheme of things! Sometime it’s these simple cravings that have the ability to throw off our entire routine.

15. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle

This is another important step that further facilitates any healthy cycle. If you’re changing time zones, take the time to relax and adjust, and aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep causes us to gain weight and makes us feel hungry and lethargic all day. Since sleep is so vital to our health, it should come as no surprise how important this piece of the puzzle is!

staying healthy traveling tips

16. Make sure most carbs are good carbs

Avoid the nutrient-deficient carbs like white bread and pasta, and go whole wheat! If you can, keep starchy carb intake to a minimum and instead get your healthy carbs from fruit and dark leafy greens! Don’t avoid carbs altogether though, especially when traveling! With all that moving around, you’ll need good carbs to sustain your energy.

17. Plan your travels around excercise

If you’re super serious about maintaining your health routine while traveling, then just combine the two into one! Go on a yoga retreat in an exotic location or do a bike tour that allows you to explore a country via bicycle! In this day and age, these style of fitness trips are popular and abundant, so you have a ton of options to choose from!

18. Research and make your feasting worthwhile

In a foreign and unfamiliar place, it’s easy to settle for the nearest fast food joint or any place really that reminds you of home. If you’re in the mood to feast, make it worthwhile and do your research! Look up that city’s best decadent eats and dessert, and incorporate it into your travel experience. Every time I’ve settled for American food or McDonald’s I leave feeling mentally & physically upset, or displeased with the food.


19. Don’t count calories

You’re on vacation- don’t stress over calories!! Instead, just be aware of getting the right nutrients! This is a much easier and carefree way to maintain healthy eating habits, not just when traveling! Use this cheat sheet to stay in check.


This may seem like a lot of information at once. Don’t go crazy about staying on routine- indulge, experience the culture, and don’t consume your thoughts solely with what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re getting. These tips are here just to offer guidance, not as a strict mantra to live by!

healthy traveling tips

You don’t need to memorize these 20 healthy traveling tips! Just pin this post for later 😊




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