Santorini Photo Journal

Santorini is nothing short of a dream. I think what makes it so fascinating is how its been built into the cliffs. It didn’t destroy the terrain, but instead just perched right on top of it. With all the bulldozing and concrete jungles that now exist in the world, these rare types of places are always so refreshing to experience.

The masses must agree with my sentiments because Santorini is usually bustling with hundreds of tourists! That’s why I decided to rise with the sun to capture this magical place. My boyfriend and I would wake an hour before the sun every morning to drive our ATV ride from Fira to Oia, and on the way we’d witness the most beautiful pink and orange sunrises! The way the light cast over the stretches of ocean and between the little cobblestone alleys were a mesmerizing sight I’ll never forget.

If you read the last Instagram post of my Santorini series, you already know my time there was not a walk in the park! ? Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but it was these early mornings exploring that made me forget about it all and just be present, even if it was just for a few moments somedays. Those types of places are always the most unforgettable- the ones that make it easy to get lost in the moment, regardless of everything else going on in your head and the world around you. Those places are always the most special ?

I hope you enjoyed my Santorini photo journal! Have you ever been to Santorini? I’d love to see your photos! ?




2 thoughts on “Santorini Photo Journal”

    1. Thanks so much Jasmine!!

      I shoot with a Canon 7d Mark ii. It’s one of the more affordable DSLRs (compared to the 5D, etc.) but it’s still incredible quality and offers a lot of the same functions as the uber expensive ones. My basic lens that I use most of the time is my Canon 24-70 mm/f 2.8. It’s a zoom lens so it does close ups and wide angle landscape shots! My favorite lens though is the Canon 50 mm. It has the most amazing depth of field (with that nice blur around the subject) and is SO sharp. It gives the look of being right there with me, it’s that clear! If you have a DSLR definitely get this lens! It’s conveniently one of the most affordable Canon lenses too (I think only $150?).

      Anyways, hope that helps! I will have a blog post going into more depth about my camera gear in the next month so keep an eye out!

      -Carly <3

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