Prague, Czech Republic: Travel Guide


I visited Prague on a Euro trip the summer before last, and it was nothing short of a fairytale. While walking around, the medieval architecture makes you feel like you’ve hopped into a storybook, and it’s rich culture showcases itself everywhere you turn. These aspects combined with it’s surprisingly affordable economy and wide range of activities and sights make it a must-see city in Europe- it does not disappoint!

To be honest, I wasn’t originally going to write a travel guide for Prague because I don’t have nearly enough photos as I’d like to share with you (my phone was stolen by this leg of my trip) and I didn’t get to spend NEARLY enough time here as I’d liked to. BUT, looking back, the little time I did spend here was so spectacular that I had to share. Plus, I have an amazing guide that I went off of during my visit with the best recommendations (from someone that spent a semester abroad here), so I wanted to take the opportunity with this post to share it with everyone! My boyfriend and I based all our decisions off this guide from where to eat, what to do, and whatnot and were incredibly satisfied with each recommendation, so I can confidently say it’s Light Travels approved!! ūüôā


Transportation: To get around, we only walked and used the metro. Walking was a¬†really beautiful way to see the city, even when you’re not around the major sites, because the architecture alone is a sight to see, almost everywhere you go. As for the metro, it’s super easy to use, very clean, and an efficient way of getting around the city. Try to use these two forms of transportation as much as possible when in Prague because cabs are known to rip off tourists (see more about taxi cabs in my tips section).

Economy: Like I mentioned earlier, the economy here is great for tourists (especially its American dollar conversion rates). It’s probably one of the most affordable cities to visit in Europe. However, due to increases in tourism, I heard that their economy is slowly growing, meaning increasing¬†prices (so plan your visit fast!! ;)).


Hotel: Let me start this section off by saying WOW!!! You can get luxury rooms in Prague for super low prices. We stayed at the Bohemia Plaza Hotel, and surprisingly being the least expensive hotel we stayed at during our Eurotrip, it was hands-down the nicest! For $67 a night (so $33.50 split between my boyfriend and I), we got a huge suite with 2 rooms, a kitchenette, beautiful interior design, free wifi, etc. It was also walking distance to several metro stops and Wenceslas Square (where a lot of great shops, restaurants, and nightlife is). The free breakfast they offered was located in a nicely decorated dining room with a big selection of food to choose from. The only con was the lack of an elevator and bellhop (we had to climb a flight of stairs with heavy suitcases), but the friendly staff made up for it. Overall, it was a great stay and I really recommend choosing this hotel.



Food: In Prague, you can pretty much find any cuisine you’re looking for and you can actually find great restaurants no matter what type of food you want! I liked this about Prague because a lot of European cities only have quality restaurants in the cuisine that’s characteristic of the culture. If you’re looking for Czech food , expect A LOT of meat (pork, sausage, duck, beef mainly), potatoes, cabbage, bread, and most importantly, BEER!! The Czechs love their beer and you can get it for super cheap everywhere you go! Here’s a list of¬†my personal recommendations:

  • Radost: Went here for an amazing vegetarian brunch. Great food and service, but was a little hot inside because they only had fans, no AC. Worth it though, in my opinion, because of their yummy, healthy food! The guide I followed said this place turns into a club at night that’s super fun and to go on Thursday! Unfortunately, did’t get to try it out myself.
  • Lemon Leaf Thai: Seriously some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had. You NEED to try this place!
  • Las Adelitas: Great, authentic-tasting Mexican food located right off Old Town Square. Located in an underground, cave-like space which gave it a really cool vibe. Decked out in Mexican decor, but not tacky!
  • Prodejna Paul/Paul Bakery: Incredible bakery with macaroons the size of your face.
  • Restuarace Mlejnice: VERY authentic Czech food. It was so good. I got goulash in a bread bowl and my boyfriend got the pig knee (sounds intimidating, but so good) and they were both incredible. Even the interior, decorated with cobblestone and rustic wood, gives you an authentic Czech dining experience.
  • Cinnamon-sugar dusted pastry bread (Staroceske Trdlo):¬†Not a restaurant obviously, but a must-try in Prague, found being made fresh-to-order¬†in Old Town Square.

Here are some other recommendations I wanted to try listed on the guide, but didn’t get the chance to (they all have great reviews so you can trust the source!):

  • Bohemia Bagels: Incredible bagels and breakfast.
  • Globe: Brunch place with great burgers and salads. Also a bookstore!
  • Bakeshop: Supposedly one of the best bakeries in Prague with great lunch too.
  • Pasta Fresca: Amazing Italian restaurant.
  • Yami Sushi: “Go-to” sushi place in Prague.
  • Fried Cheese: The guide says you MUST try this in Prague since it’s a staple there and to go to the stand across from Nebe nightclub in¬†Wenceslas Square. So bummed I didn’t get to try this!!

Paul Bakery’s Macaroon


Restaurace Mlejnice Goulash Breadbowl + Pig Knee


“Staroceske Trdlo”



  • Visit the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square (built in 1410!) and see the view from the top! This gives you the chance to see a 360 degree view of the city’s beautiful rooftops, squares, and Charles River.
  • Also, gather around in front of the Astronomical Clock with a huge group of tourists as it strikes a new hour- the only way I can describe this experience is like a giant coo-coo clock performance that you’d only hear about in nursery rhymes as a kid. Medieval and enchanting!!
  • Walk around Old Town Square to see some beautiful churches, horse-drawn carriages, street performers, and yummy eats.
  • Cross Charles Bridge and look over Vltava river that runs through Prague and connects Old town with Lesser Town.
  • Visit the John Lennon Wall to see the wide, brightly colored mural signed by visitors from all over the world. You’ll probably catch some performers here too singing some Beatles tracks in front of the wall!
  • Explore the Jewish Quarter of Prague and all it’s old, beautiful synagogues and cemeteries
  • Visit¬†Wenceslas Square, which is almost like the Times Square of Prague. It has lots of shopping, restaurants, and the National Museum at the end of the square.
  • I didn’t get to do this, but it was at the top of my list: Rent a little boat/paddle boat to ride on the river! I heard this was a fun and relaxing way to see Prague on a sunny day.
  • Other sights I wanted to visit, but didn’t get the chance to: Prague Castle¬†&¬†Petrin Hill (similar to a mini Eiffel Tower).

View of Old Town Square From Atop the Astronomical Clock


Astronomical Clock


Inside the Main Church Lining Old Town Square


View of the River from Charles Bridge


John Lennon Wall Performer




  • U Sudu: This place was SO cool! Inside has several levels, with each one becoming more cave-like as you descend. Here they have¬†cheap drinks, foosball and pool, and a really laid-back atmosphere to top it all off. We were the only ones in the bar not smoking a joint inside when we went in the middle of the day- haha!
  • Cross Club: This was one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to in Europe! It’s a really unique, artsy scene inside with all these makeshift decorations- made out of what seemed to be old bike and car parts and whatnot that light up in all different colors. This bar also had a very laid-back vibe with different live DJs playing in each room. Each room has a different vibe to it, so you can choose how calm or crazy you want your night to be (Note: this place is in the middle of nowhere, but so worth checking out!).

The places above were the only nightlife I got to experience¬†during my short visit, but here’s a list of other recommendations from the guide I followed on my trip:

  • James Dean, Chapeau Rouge, M1: All loungey bars located on/near Old Town Square.
  • Lucerna: Fun club located in the heart of the city that plays great throwback music.
  • Nebe: Described as one of the best clubs in Prague with a really cool layout and great music. Only go to the one in¬†Wenceslas Square though! Fun on Wednesdays.
  • Karlovy Lazne: 5 story club with 5 different dance floors and different genres of music playing on each one. Go on a Saturday!
  • Vytopna Railway Restaurant: Your drinks are brought straight to your table via trains on mini railroads!

One of the Several DJ Rooms at Cross Club


Interactive Art at Cross Club (spell your name in light switches!)




  • If you’re having trouble learning the metros, use the website (& press the England flag for English) to familiarize yourself with the different lines and look up exactly where you need to go.
  • Beware of pick-pocketers, especially in crowded places like metros, squares, and other tourist traps. They are on the prowl during¬†tourist season!
  • If you must take a taxi, use company AAA. The other cabs tend to rip off tourists and have no problem demanding unfair, high-priced fares.
  • You can drink the tap water in Prague (so make sure you ask for it at restaurants rather than buying bottles). It’s one of the cleanest water supplies in the world!

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