Join Me On A Retreat In Cuba!

2017 has just begun, but it’s already brought amazing travel opportunities along with it! I want to invite you to experience the same…in Havana, Cuba!!

I’ve teamed up with Fit Life Creation, in which I’ll be attending their Cuba retreat as an influencer and workshop instructor 🙂 My favorite part though, is that I get to invite my followers and readers to join me for the ride, at a discounted price! The retreat will focus on self-improvement in all aspects of life- wealth, health, organization, and most of all, growing your brand! For my fellow budget travelers, you’ll particularly love the workshops on money basics & behaviors, as well as how to build retreats for your own business!

As a travel blogger, it’s not often we get the opportunity to simultaneously travel, acquire new business skills, expand our brand, AND connect with inspirational like-minded people! However, Katrina, the creator of Fit Life Creation, has found a way to easily bring all these experiences into one “transpiring” retreat! Even if you’re not a travel blogger, this retreat is perfect for anyone starting or growing a business, or simply wanting to transform their life for the better! What better place to do that in than beautiful Havana, Cuba?

Keep reading for more information and my special promo code ($195 off!)…

Who Is Fit Life Creation?

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Fit Life Creation is a company that helps others make positive transformational changes in all areas of life. Whether that be wealth management, health regimens, business expansion, or travel opportunities, they cover it all to help you reach your biggest life goals!

What’s Included in the Retreat?

The retreat includes a 4 night, 5 day stay in Havana, Cuba from February 16-20th or February 23-27th. There you will split your time between exploring Cuba and attending informative workshops (here’s an example schedule!). When you’re not at the private villa, in Old Town Havana, or at the beach, you’ll be learning how to lead a lifestyle that maximizes your full-potential. For a better idea of the what that entails, click HERE.

The retreat is all-inclusive (besides airfare), so the overall cost will cover you for transportation, healthy meals prepared by a private chef, tourist activities, workshops, accommodation, and more! Again, refer to Fit LiFe Creation’s Cuba retreat page for even more specifics ?

How Much Does It Cost?

The overall price of this all-inclusive retreat is $1,950. BUT, if you use my promo code “Carly” at checkout you will get $195 off! 

Who Will Be Attending?

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The retreat will be a mix of influencers, entrepreneurs, health & fitness enthusiasts, money experts, and anyone wanting to build their brand/business! As long as you’re someone that’s looking to improve your life in one way or another, you’ll fit in perfectly!

My Role In The Retreat

During the second Cuba retreat (February 23-27), I’ll be teaching an Instagram 101 workshop that will focus on growing your following rapidly with engaging followers! Over the past year, my Instagram has gained over 18K followers, with my posts averaging at over 1.1K likes per post and about 70 comments on average. I can’t wait to teach others how they can do it too!


SO! Want to join me in Cuba? Sign up HERE!


 Still have questions? Feel free to email me or Katrina for more information! You can also watch Travel Lushes’ YouTube video for a quick recap ?

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