How to do Vegas on a Budget

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When you add up the costs of the hotel, pricey meals, activities, and gambling, Vegas can be a real money-drainer.

On my recent road trip, I attempted do LV on a budget and my bank account received half the damage it usually does when visiting!

If you’re looking to plan a trip to Sin City, follow these tips. You and your wallet can thank me later!! ?

1. Book Your Hotel with the Hotel Tonight App


In order to sell the most rooms as possible, hotels will lower their usual prices based on supply and demand. With just the touch of a button, the Hotel Tonight app presents you with all these discounted rates.

I booked with this app the morning of my arrival in Vegas and got a room at Planet Hollywood for half the usual price at only $50! This was the biggest steal because the hotel is right in the middle of the strip and all the action.

2. Book a Hotel Off the Strip


If you can’t find a discounted hotel on the strip, but still want the quality you’ll find there, book a hotel located off the strip! Most of these hotels are of superb quality with beautiful rooms, but sell for a much lower price.

Some great ones include the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, The Palms, etc.

3. Book Shows with

IMG_1490 is great for giving you all the inside deals around the city. Their last-minute deals on comedy shows, magic shows, concerts, and Cirque Du Soleil are unbeatable!

4. Scope Out Happy Hours

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This was probably the best discovery of my trip. I had the most delicious sushi dinner with 3 drinks at Koi (which is usually incredibly pricey) for only 35 DOLLARS!!!

Find the best Happy Hour deals HERE!

5. Get Free Alcohol Just by Gambling

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Maybe I’m a Vegas newb for not knowing this beforehand, but as long as you’re gambling in the casino (even on a cheap slot machine), the waitresses will bring you free alcohol!!

Don’t waste your money at the bar. If you lose some money gambling, just look at it this way: It would of been spent on the drinks you didn’t purchase! ?

6. Search for Activities on Groupon Before Visiting


Groupon has deals on some of the most expensive activities in the city so definitely check out the site before visiting. My boyfriend surprised me with a helicopter ride around the city with tickets he bought off Groupon (see photo above!) and it was incredible!!

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