Full Moon Party- Guide & Survival Tips

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I attended the highly-anticipated Full Moon Party a few nights ago, and it exceeded all my expectations!! The party consisted of a long stretched beach with DJs and dancing at every pocket, body painting booths, [deadly] bucket stands , and 10,0000- 30,000 people from all over the world. It’s hard to put into words just how crazy this place was.

Here’s what to expect…

Buckets (fishbowl style drinks in plastic sand buckets- the kinds you played with as a child lol) are around $10 a pop. They’re sold everywhere and pretty much the only drinks you can buy except beers- both small and LARGE ? (~$3)

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Body painting stands are EVERYWHERE for around $1/40 Thai baht.

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You’ll meet TONS of backpackers from all over the world (with a big portion being from Australia and England) and of all ages!


There’s fire dancers and fire jump ropes EVERYWHERE, but don’t participate!! I’ve witnessed people walk away with burns and bandages ?

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When it comes to apparel, the majority wears neon or white to glow in all the back lights. But if you didn’t come prepared, don’t worry! You can buy body paint, neon shirts, and floral headbands pretty much anywhere.

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DO NOT buy drugs from anyone. This was never something that interested me as I was perfectly content with the buckets and humongous beers lol, but I’ve heard that there’s countless undercover cops trying to sell drugs that will either leave you in prison or with a HUGE fine.


Wear closed- toe shoes! There’s tons of people at this event so you don’t want to get stepped on or step on any glass.

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Hungry? There’s a bunch of street food and restaurants to satisfy your needs ?


If you’re staying at a hotel, don’t worry about transportation. They’ll easily provide you with a songthaew to get you where you want to go for about $3/person. My hotel was 20 minutes from Haad Rin Beach, where the party takes place, but this was no issue at all because of the overwhelming amount of transportation available.

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DO NOT bring any valuables, like expensive cameras, purses, etc. (Hence the lack of my own photos on this post/my low quality iPhone pictures).  I never felt unsafe while there, but I’ve heard lots of theft goes down on this night. I even heard little kids are trained to go around and steal from any pocket they can get at, so BE CAREFUL!


What music to expect? Lots of house music with some hip hop mixes.

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If you’re looking for great accommodation (beachside, with a cheap restaurant + bar, and opportunities to meet other Full Moon Party friends), I recommend staying at Da Kanda Villas. The beach/sunsets are incredible, the rooms are great, the prices are very reasonable, and it’s far away enough from all the madness, but super close to the ferry dock. Plus, we met some great friends there who we partied with all night ?


When does the party end? I went home when the sun came up, but you can choose how long you want your night to be (unless you’re going home on the morning ferry- the first one being at 7/8 AM depending on where you’re headed)!


Hope you feel a bit more prepared now after reading my guide!! Comment below with any additional questions ?

** All photos besides my own belong to Hotels.Com, Full Moon Party Facebook page & FullMoonParty-Thailand.com. See logos for the source.**

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