Fairmont Grand Del Mar: Hotel Review

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

You know the types of vacations that make you feel like you’re dreaming? Some places are just so beautiful and luxurious that you never want to leave! The Fairmont Grand Del Mar was definitely one of those places for me. I spent just a few days at this paradise, but I’m STILL on a high from the whole experience. I would try to describe what I mean in a sentence or two, but this place deserves its own detailed review 🙌

Fairmont hotels, regardless of the location, never disappoint when it comes to their beautiful grounds, outstanding staff, and incredible amenities and food. This particular location in Del Mar though went above ALL my already-high expectations. Plus, the fact that it’s only a 2 hour escape from LA made it the PERFECT, most seamless summer getaway.

If you’re also in LA or just traveling to California soon, definitely check out their summer promotion right now! It’s such a great deal for the value you get in return!

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Getting There

For all my fellow LA natives- Del Mar is luckily just a quick trip down south. You could easily drive and get there in about 2-2.5 hours or take the local train! If you really want to arrive in the most luxe way possible though, you can even helicopter there! We flew out from the Santa Monica Airport with IEX Helicopters and the ride was it SO quick (around 35 minutes) & scenic. 😍

For all my out-of-towners- you can fly into the San Diego airport! Then from there, it’s anywhere from a 25-50 minute drive to the hotel depending on traffic.

The Grounds

The grounds of the Fairmont Grand Del Mar look like something out of a fairytale! First off, the architecture resembles a dreamy European castle. Then, it’s completely surrounded by gardens, a beautiful golf course and Los Peñasquitos Canyon. Basically everywhere you look, the views are just simply jaw-dropping 😱

Inside the hotel you’ll find…

  • 6 on-site restaurants, one of them in which was awarded a Michelin star (The Addison!)
  • 3 on-site bars/lounges
  • 4 outdoor pools (you can choose between family pools or the all-adults Relaxation Pool!)
  • An award winning spa, considered by Forbes to be one of the best 5 star spas in the world!
  • Tennis courts and a fitness center
  • Stunning rooms with gold and marble finishes, dangerously comfy beds, and spacious layouts

The Amenities

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar offers all the top-of-the-line amenities you’d ever want or need!

Some of the best amenities included…

  • Complimentary high-speed WiFi
  • Daily housekeeping (with morning and turn down service)
  • 24-hour room service
  • 24/7 concierge service to help you with anything you need!
  • A kids club + babysitting if needed
  • Free shuttles to the beach
  • Complimentary in-room waters and coffee restocked daily
  • Complimentary sporting equipment and access to the golf course and tennis courts
  • In room perks like comfy robes, big screen TVs, and luxurious bath tubs (I think I took 4 baths in 3 days 🤣)
  • Access to any of the incredible events on the “Summer at the Grand” calendar

The Food

Why is the food always SO GOOD at every Fairmont hotel?! In all honesty though, I think this location takes the cake. Not only do they have a variety of restaurants to choose from, the quality and taste at each one are equally amazing!

From my lobster and prime rib dinner, to one of the most delicious 5 course meals I’ve ever had at the AddisonThe Fairmont Grand Del Mar is a haven for foodies!! If you’re traveling with kids or you’re not really into fancy dining, there’s still so many classic options for casual dining. You really can’t go wrong here no matter what restaurant you choose to dine at.

As for the drinks, you will NEVER go thirsty here. Trust me, I had to detox when I got home from all the rose and champagne I was treated to 🤣. But that being said, if you go, do me a favor and have a jalapeño margarita by the pool one day, and don’t skip on the wine pairings at the Addison!!

The Events

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

One thing that really sets the Fairmont Grand Del Mar apart from other hotels is their action-packed activity calendar each season! I got to experience what’s on the agenda for “Summer at the Grand” and all I can say is WOW 👏. They never let you get bored here, that’s for sure. It’s definitely a perfect place to just sit by the pool and relax, but if you’re like me and love staying busy on a trip, you’ll LOVE all the events they offer their guests!

Some events you definitely want to keep on your radar this summer are…

  • Friday BBQs with dine-in move nights and a firework display
  • “Rose the Grand Way” pool parties every Sunday
  • Glow golf and golf contests for all ages
  • Any of the monthly wellness events- from Mimosas and Meditation (led by the wonderful Poonacha Machaiah) to a variety of well-being workshops!

The Staff & Service

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

The service at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar deserves its own section on this review, because it’s just that good. In my opinion, the service at a hotel can completely transform your stay, and the staff at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar constantly went above and beyond.

The level of respect and pampering they offer to all their guests is impeccable and what makes every Fairmont hotel so special. The attention to detail here though was particularly remarkable and something that made my stay so memorable. Walking around I was always greeted with warm faces, came back to a spotless room every time, and always felt looked after whether I was asking for directions or questions about the hotel. They seriously made me feel like royalty during my visit!


Fairmont Grand Del Mar

As you can probably tell, my stay at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar was an absolute dream 😭. I’m typically not used to this style of traveling- so luxurious with a staff that is so accommodating! What’s really wonderful and unique about the Fairmont Grand Del Mar though is how it has something to offer ANY type of traveler. You’ll find families with kids of all ages, golf and fitness addicts, wellness-focused yogis, couples just looking to relax, outdoorsy adventure types- you name it. There’s truly something to offer anyone and everyone here.

 I feel so grateful that this little piece of heaven is so close to me in LA! I will most definitely be taking advantage of their summer promotions going on 🙏. If you want to join me, make sure to check them out (and book before June 30th!).

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