Everywhere You Need To Go in Bali

everywhere you need to go in Bali

No need to stress about making an itinerary- THIS is everywhere you need to go in Bali! From the rice terraces and jungles that remain inland, to the beaches and nightlife located on the coast, this guide covers it all! It even includes all the day trips worth taking around the island as well. Keep scrolling for descriptions of each must-see “neighborhood” as well as specific places to visit in each.

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Now that you have a visual, here’s my written list of everywhere you need to go in Bali!

Areas To Explore


everywhere you need to go in Bali

Ubud is known as the cultural center of Bali and is home to several temples, rices terraces, monkey-filled jungles, and a plethora of healthy restaurants and retreat centers. No Bali trip is complete without making the trek inland to Ubud!

  • Monkey Forest– Sacred monkey sanctuary where you can feed the monkeys bananas. All the monkeys are free to come and go, but most reside in the forest.
  • Tegalalang Rice Terraces– The most famous rice paddies in Bali!
  • Jungle Fish Resort– Offers pool and restaurant access to non-guests for a set fee. Their huge infinity pool overlooks the Ubud jungle!
  • Luwak Coffee Farm– Here you can try the famous Indonesian coffee, Kopi Luwak, which is made from part-digested coffee cherries (excreted from a cat lol!). You can also try several other locally-produced teas.
  • Water Temple, Pira Tirta Empul – A popular temple where the local Hindu people pray and bathe in holy spring water- a practice that is very sacred to them. Tourists are welcome to join!
  • Ubud Market– Haggle at the craft market for goods like bags, clothing, shoes, and other souvenirs special to Bali.


everywhere you need to go in Bali

This region of Bali is known for its top-notch beaches and incredible cliffside views. Make a day of it by visiting a few beaches in the afternoon, then Uluwatu Temple for sunset!

  • Sal’s Secret Spot– Cute boutique hotel with swimming pool. Hidden along the drive towards the Bingin Beach stairs
  • The Sun & Surf Stay– Beachfront hotel and restuarant overlooking Bingin Beach
  • Padang Padang Beach– One of the most beautiful beaches in Bali with clear water and floating rock formations
  • Bingin Beach– Another great Uluwatu beach and a pretty place to watch the sunset. It’s particularly popular among surfers!
  • Uluwatu Temple- One the most stunning and popular temples in Bali, famous for its ocean views, traditional Balinese sunset performance, and crazy monkeys that live within the temple
  • Single Finn- Great place for sunset drinks/views and dancing. Very popular among tourists!


everywhere you need to go in Bali

Canggu is probably the trendiest region in Bali, with its instagrammable cafes and cute boutique villas. It’s also a great place to make your home base since it’s close to the beach & has incredible food and accommodations.

  • The Chillhouse– Trendy guest house, also used for surf and yoga retreats. They have a great healthy restaurant on site too!
  • Cafe Organic– The BEST smoothie bowls (and healthy food) in Bali! There’s also locations now in Seminyak & Kuta
  • La Laguna– Cute beachside restaurant, insta-famous for its photogenic gypsy wagons
  • The Lawn– Popular spot to [literally] sit on “the lawn” and sip cocktails during sunset
  • Finn’s Beach Club– Favorite beach club in Bali with a beachfront restaurant, lounge chairs, pool, and pool bar. More affordable than pricy Seminyak beach clubs, but still expensive for Bali standards
  • Tanah Lot Temple– NOT located in Canggu, but is still the closest relevant area in relation to the temple. Another very famous/popular temple in Bali among both locals and tourists. Visit at sunset time or during low tide! During high tide the temple is unaccessible and surrounded by ocean.


everywhere you need to go in Bali

Seminyak is definitely one of the most expensive areas in Bali. It’s home to many upscale hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and high-end shopping.


everywhere you need to go in Bali

Kuta is known for being the backpacker/party region of Bali! Here you’ll find the island’s cheapest bars, restaurants, and accommodation.

Day/Weekend Trips

Nusa Penida

everywhere you need to go in Bali

Nusa Penida may be the farthest island off Bali’s coast, but it’s definitely the most beautiful! If you can, visit for the weekend so you have time to visit all the sights.

  • Kelingking Beach/Lookout (pictured above)- The most breathtaking view in Bali! Wooden handrails were put up so you can walk down to the beach too (if you dare?)
  • Angel’s Billabong– Natural ocean infinity pool. Visit during low tide so you can swim in it!
  • Broken Beach– A sink hole with a nature-formed bridge over the ocean (see the link to know what I’m talking about!). Located right before the path down to Angel’s Billabong
  • Crystal Bay– Most popular beach on Nusa Penida with palm tree groves and a floating rock formation. Also a very popular place to watch the sunset and snorkel!

Gili T Island

everywhere you need to go in Bali

Gili T is super popular among backpackers, as it’s a fun party island with a lot of great bars, trendy hostels/villas, and cheap restaurants. It’s particularly unique though for its horse-drawn carriages (there’s no cars on the island!) and various Muslim Mosques. This island is also worth staying a couple nights on!

Nusa Ceningan/Nusa Lembongan

everywhere you need to go in Bali

Both islands are located fairly close to the main island of Bali and have great snorkeling and beautiful beaches. I did a full-day snorkel tour that took me to both of these islands and I’d definitely recommend it!

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everywhere you need to go in Bali

Do you agree this is everywhere you need to go in Bali? Do you have any other places to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!


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