Cuba in 40 Photos

Cuba is one of those countries that completely transport you back to another time period. With its old cars and colorful, crumbling buildings, it’s almost as if time has stood still all these years. While the rest of the world has been adapting and modernizing, Cuba has stayed the same. There was something so strangely comforting and charming about this. It was a constant reminder that the hectic, technologically-driven world a lot of us live in isn’t the only world out there. This reminder had the powerful ability to make me feel small and humble- an experience that is so unique to traveling. It was truly such an awe-inspiring place to witness, and it left me a little more changed inside, every corner I explored…

Keep scrolling for a virtual time warp through Cuba, as well as my personal reflections on exploring this life-changing country with Fit Life Creation ?

Besides for the historical landscapes and rich culture, the internal transformations I experienced in Cuba were also largely impacted by the reason that brought me there: A health, wealth, and business retreat with Fit Life Creation. When we weren’t discovering Havana via old convertibles and touring with local guides, we were participating in workshops to not only improve our entrepreneurial pursuits, but our overall quality of life. Learning about my strengths and weaknesses and setting goals for myself in such an inspiring country amplified my personal growth an unspeakable amount. Cuba on its own is enough to make you adopt a broadened perspective on life. However, I have the retreat to thank when it comes to all the positive changes I’ve welcomed into my life since returning home.

If you’re looking to bring positive change into your own life through travel, self-reflection, new relationships, and skill-building, I highly recommend Fit Life Creation’s travel retreats. To read more about their upcoming retreats in Atlanta and Brazil, click on the links! If either sounds like the right choice for you, make sure to use my code “Carly” for 10% off ?


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