Costa Rica Photo Diary + Quick Guide

Costa Rica, being the natural paradise that it is, deserves its own Costa Rica photo diary to showcase its beauty!! There’s seriously no other country like it when it comes to its rich wildlife and lush landscapes. There’s just SO much LIFE everywhere you look- it’s hard not to be captivated with it. The Costa Rican locals are also incredibly friendly and their way of life is so laid-back. I only got to explore to Puntarenas region during my short visit, but that just means I’ll need to go back soon and explore some more!

Keep scrolling for a virtual tour through Costa Rica & learn some quick travel facts at the end!

A Quick Guide to Costa Rica

  • Budget travelers need around $30-$50 per day to get by
  • Costa Rica is more expensive than most other Central American countries, but can still be done on a budget if you stay in hostels, use public transportation and eat cheap, local food
  • Hostels are about $15/night, while average 3-star hotels are about $50/night depending where you are in the country. Luxury hotels will be anywhere from $100-$200/night
  • Food prices: As low as $3 for budget meals and up to $20/meal at fancy restaurants
  • Must try dishes:
    • Plantains
    • Rice and beans (sounds simple, but it's a staple and they do it so well!)
    • Fresh COCONUTS
    • Ceviche
    • Fresh-caught fish
    • Any coconut-based desserts
  • Best places to visit:
    • Nosara
    • Tortuguero
    • Coco Beach
    • Jaco
    • Arenal
    • Tamarindo
    • Conchal Beach
    • Puerto Viejo
  • Transportation Options:
    • Cheapest (but least convenient): Public bus for town hopping or even traveling the entire country!
    • Most convenient, but least expensive: Rental cars
    • Mid-range transportation: Shuttle Buses
  • Things to Do:
    • Visit/hike to waterfalls
    • Bird and animal watching (think sloths and monkeys!)
    • Surf and other water sports
    • Yoga
    • Swim in hot springs
    • Hike a volcano
    • Boat/kayak through the National Parks
    • Zipline in the jungle
    • Take a boat trip to the surrounding islands
  • Bring sunscreen and bug spray! This is some of the strongest sun I’ve ever experienced. It’s also one of the most buggy places I’ve been to!
  • If you’re staying in the countryside, watch where you step and shake out your towel! We found a HUMONGOUS scorpion on our towel and felt so lucky we happened to see it.
  • Do yourself a favor and make a trip to a fruit market! Costa Rica has a crazy selection of exotic fruits and they taste incredible. Also, the pineapple there was the best I’ve ever eaten in my life!
  • Local life/overall vibe = VERY chill and laid-back. There’s a reason you hear all the locals talk about “Pura Vida” which means “simple life” or “pure life.” This saying embodies the culture here to a T!

I hope you enjoyed my Costa Rica photo diary and quick guide! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below!

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