Chiang Mai, Thailand: AirBnB Review


My accommodation while in Chiang Mai was unique in a few ways:

  1. It was my first time staying in an AirBnB house, rather than an apartment
  2. It had one of the cheapest price tags so far at 27 USD/night (and only $13.50 after splitting the nightly cost with my boyfriend!) during my tour through Asia
  3. This time, I stayed in a local suburb outside the city center, rather than being completely emerged in frenetic SE Asian city-life

My stay here in this rural-jungle-oasis-bungalow was hands-down one of my best luxe-budget accommodation experiences thus far, and I’m SO happy I stepped outside the box on this one!!

First off, renting houses through AirBnB instead of apartments (at least in this case) meant incredibly STRONG WiFi-something I didn’t know existed in these rentals until now, and I definitely think it’s because of choosing a house rather than an apartment complex! Plus, I discovered that houses typically come MUCH better stocked with necessities with much more space (obviously), so it made carrying out my daily routines so much easier and comfortable while living this travel lifestyle!

Looking at this rental in particular, I think the cheaper price tag had to do with its semi-remote location, away from the city center. But, in the end I was so grateful for this- not only did my bank account benefit, but I got to experience Chiang Mai living as the locals do. This “local life” is something I never acquired until this experience (all my bookings prior were advertised towards tourists and individuals accustomed to a Western-style of living.) In addition, being away from the city buzz, I was SO productive, day in and day out!

Anywhoooo, here’s some photos + more descriptions of the amenities to paint you a better picture of this little sanctuary!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Located within a safe, gated property ๐Ÿ‘

The property was HUGE- probably 3+ acres!


The road to our bungalow


Living room + dining area


Ample desk space


Fully-stocked pantry & all the necessary cooking supplies: olive oil, salt & pepper and other spices, sugar, coffee, etc.499A8817

Our little living quarters- small, but so comfortable!


Outside dining area


The entire place decorated with original artwork!


The river-side cabana outside of our bungalow ๐Ÿ˜


Free bikes for transportation around the village!


Even more outdoor cabanas!



Surrounded by beautiful nature everywhere you turn!


Beautiful bamboo bridge across the river


Pool + tanning deck


 Amenities & Details:

  • Free STRONG high-speed internet
  • A pool and tanning deck
  • Fully-stocked kitchen with beautiful handmade ceramic kitchenware and every cooking supply you could think of: blender, toaster, rice-maker, even a spice-grinder!
  • A weeks worth of food provided by the host (which is very rare in most AirBnB cases)
  • Comfortable queen bed
  • AC in the bedroom
  • Located within a safe, gated property
  • The most helpful & accommodating hosts we’ve had yet! They helped us with any questions we had + recommendations, they provided a guide to activities, restaurants (even pointing out great restaurants for vegetarians and vegans!), and transportation around the village, and even arranged our pick-up and drop off when arriving and departing the bungalow
  • 2 free bikes for getting around
  • Cabanas EVERYWHERE on the ~3 acre property, great for reading, writing, etc. and being surrounded by nature
  • Laundry made simple and free with a washer and bamboo drier at your disposal
  • The BEST, most authentic Thai restaurant just steps away from the property, with some of the cheapest prices you’ll find in Chiang Mai
  • Lastly, my favorite: It’s located across the street from a rice field and the property is comparable to a nature sanctuary- filled with towering bamboo, so many different trees and flowers, different beautiful bird species flying from nest to nest, and (during wet season), a river running through it all. It was the perfect escape!


If you’re interested in seeing the AirBnB yourself or even renting it yourself, click HERE! You won’t be disappointed!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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