Best Travel Moments: Safari Edition

Looking back, about half of my favorite travel memories involve animal encounters. As human beings, I think one of the most fascinating and thrilling experiences we can have while traveling is seeing a wild animal interact in their natural habitat. Don’t you agree?!

Zoos are different. You still feel like you’re in a civil world run by human beings. So I think the raw feeling of interacting with a wild animal is incomparable! That being said, my time in the South African bush was definitely one of my most memorable trips to date ?

Not only did I witness wild elephants drinking out of my dip pool, we were also fortunate enough to see mating lions in the wild! After several failed attempts from the male lion though, he was NOT happy to have us in the audience ?

Press play to see the footage!

There’s several times on safari when the animals feel too close for comfort or lock eyes with you but every time they’d remain unfazed by our jeep. This time though, the growling and the male pretending to pounce signaled the lion’s aggression and  warning of attack. I know this to be true because our ranger was the one to tell us this! Even he said he’d never experienced an angry lion that close before and admitted his mistake of pulling up too close without an easy escape to back out. When asked what he’d do if the lion actually attacked, he disclosed he wouldn’t of had enough time to grab his gun (which they keep in all the jeeps ONLY for the safety of guests in emergency situations) ?. So-  it’s safe to say we felt very lucky walking away without a scratch!!

Have you ever been on safari? If so, tell me you favorite (or scariest) memories in the comments below! ?

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