Top 5 Activities to do in Krabi, Thailand


If you like adventure-travel, then Krabi should be your go-to place in Thailand. Its natural beauty is abundant, meaning the activities to do and the sights to see are abundant as well.

Because the conversion rate in Thailand is so strong for a wide variety of currencies, the most you’ll pay for an excursion here is less than $60. However, the majority on this list are free, with affordable transportation costs as the only prices you need to add up.

Given Krabi’s plentiful and contrasting landscapes, from its lush jungles, picturesque islands, limestone mountains, to its white-sand beaches (I could go on and on!!), you will ALWAYS have something to keep you busy. Even better though, you’ll get unbelievable quality AND quantity when it comes to your money’s worth here.

That all being said, I’ve thrown together a guide to the top 5-star Krabi activities that won’t hurt your wallet. Keep scrolling!


1. Go island-hopping around Krabi’s Andaman Sea

If there’s ONE THING you need to do in Krabi, it’s this. The cost of a private tour via longtail boat ranges from as little as $8-$30 per person if traveling as a pair, and even cheaper if traveling with a larger group!

The best islands to visit are: Poda/Tup (do these together in the same day- they’re very close to each other), Hong Island/Lagoon, & Railay Beach (not an island, but can only be accessed via longtail boat!).

**Important note: Private longtail tours are SO much nicer than “lavish” tour packages. You may not be riding on a fancy speedboat, but it’s not a luxury experience when you’re packed in like sardines. With a private longtail tour, you’re essentially paying less to have more room, complete control over your itinerary, and a more personable, private experience with your travel buddies.

2. Go on a sunset cruise and snorkel tour with Krabi Sunset Cruises

This one may sound contradictory after what I just said about Thailand boat tours, but this is seriously one of the only tours that is advertised accurately, and SO worth the pricier cost of $57/person. There is no sardine-packing going on here, only incredibly attentive service, comfortable room to move about the sailboat, and an exclusive tour to all the best snorkel spots around Krabi.

The tour takes you to 3 different snorkel spots where all snorkel gear is provided, it has free-flowing refreshments (besides alcohol, which you can buy on board) and a humongous Thai buffet feast, sunset sailing, and ends with night-snorkeling with bioluminescent plankton!

I’d definitely say this cruise was money well-spent!!

3. Go beach bar-hopping in Ao Nang


Ao Nang, which is the center of tourism and nightlife in Krabi, is a great price to have a fun night out for a super low price. Along Beach Road (pictured above), you can hop from bar to bar, and have a great view of the beach and sunset while doing so! Plus, the drink prices usually range anywhere from $1.50-$4, depending on how upscale the bar is, so you can afford to keep your buzz going all night!! ?

4. Hike to Tiger Temple to see incredible views of Krabi and the Golden Buddha

This activity is free, yet it’s probably the most rewarding experience on the list. After climbing 1,237 STEEP steps to the top, you’re greeted with the sight of a gigantic, beautiful Buddha and a panoramic view of the Krabi province. Although the free price, it will cost you a small fee to get here since it’s about 3o minutes inland, away from the coast (it cost me $8 after splitting the cost with my BF).

Just a heads-up: You will most likely encounter groups of cheeky (but sweet) monkeys during your hike that aren’t afraid to steal any water bottles, iPhones, and other shiny objects, so just be careful! Also, remember to be respectful and cover your knees and shoulders, since you are at a religious site.

5. Fit in as many Ao Nang beach days as you can!


Not only is Ao Nang Beach a beautiful public beach, it’s a mecca for incredible deals!

My daily Ao Nang routine went as follows: $1.50 papaya salad beachside lunch, $1 smoothie (or beer) I’d then take to the beach, sunbathing and swimming, then a $4 massage to end the day (go between 11-2 for the discounted price!).

It’s not the most luxurious way to spend your day in Ao Nang, but it was simplistic and relaxing, and probably the most value I’ve ever received for under 7 bucks!

Have any other luxe-budget activities to add to the list? Let me know!! ?

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  2. I’ve noticed that you have mentioned somewhere that you went to Thailland at the end of March.

    I am going mid September do you think I would be able to get the same amount of sun?

    Many thanks!

    1. lighttravels

      Hi Lynn!

      September tends to be a very wet month for Thailand. But the good thing is that it never usually lasts ALL day. Just comes and goes in short bouts (even though it can torrential downpour during that time haha). But I think you’ll still get some great sun 🙂

      Have an amazing time!

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