5 Flying Tips & WHY They Work


If you travel a lot, you know the sensations I’m about to describe…those “awesome” feelings that accompany spending hours on a plane ?

Exhausted, bloated, disoriented, impatient, emotional, and flat-out ill. Ahhh, the not so glamorous side of traveling!!

BUT, believe it or not, you can stand up to airplane abuse!! Just follow these tips:

1. Wear your heaviest clothing on the plane. This will save more room for other items in your suitcase and guarantee you warmth on chilly flights (Does anyone else feel abnormally freezing up there?). Don’t want to wear your oversized coat while in the air? Just roll it up and treat it like a pillow!

2. Drink LOTS of water prior, during, and after your flight. Flying is extremely dehydrating and can throw off your system for weeks even after landing. Staying hydrated will better ensure that your immune and digestive system stay strong, as well as enhance your energy.

3. Avoid alcohol if you can. I admit, this has not always been my strong suit on long, BORING flights. But alcohol will only dehydrate you more, throw off your sleep patterns, deplete your energy, and make it harder to recover when reaching your destination. Humph…

4. Ever feel bloated after a flight? This is because the altitude and increased air pressure causes our stomaches to swell and fill with air while flying. This bloated stomach ache intensifies especially when making multiple connections in one day. Always carry travel-size Tums or other anti-bloating meds with you to fix this problem.

5. NEVER “pop” your ears while flying and NEVER fly while congested. After rupturing my eardrum while flying congested, my Ear, Nose & Throat doctor told me ear “popping” is incredibly dangerous, even though it is commonly seen as the best method to stabilizing pressure in our ears. Chew gum or repeatedly open your mouth and move your jaw from side to side if you need to unplug your ears. As for flying with a sinus cold, you should definitely consider rescheduling your flight. The money you lose from doing so is minuscule compared to the money you’ll spend on repairing a ruptured eardrum. Plus, it’s definitely not worth the pain that comes with it (trust me!).

I hope these tips make your upcoming flying experiences more safe and more pleasant!

0 thoughts on “5 Flying Tips & WHY They Work”

  1. Yes, these helpful tips will definitely prevent people for having the worst time on their vacations via flights. I would also stay away from fast food meals before I take off on flight because it will make me sick.

    Thank you for providing tips, Carly. 🙂

      1. I’m happy you agreed. It happened to me back in 2004. After I consumed one hamburger & Orange Juice from McDonalds in LAX (Before I travel to Las Vegas, Nevada via Flight with my family when I was 10 years old), I got sick. And I wasn’t happy at all (It’s still an accident, though).

        And of course. 😀

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