3 Hacks to Finding the Cheapest Flights

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Finding cheap flights is both skill and luck. When it comes to luck, I wish you all the best, but I at least got you covered when it comes to skill- you just need to be taking advantage of the right resources and know exactly how to use them!

That’s what this post is for. Look at it as a lesson on the 3 resources/websites/tricks you should be using and HOW to use them. The ladder may seem easy, but I got a few tricks up my sleeve that you might not know about!

1. Use this booking site and follow these steps!

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My trusty favorite is SkyScanner.com! This site has scored me so many deals AND it’s reliable (unlike google flights, in my opinion). No scams, no BS- it’s the real deal and always finds me the cheapest prices on the web.

Here’s some more details as to why it’s the best:

  • It doesn’t exclude budget airlines, like other big booking sites such as Expedia and Kayak!
  • It doesn’t charge an extra fee for its service, again unlike the big booking sites just mentioned.
  • It has some AWESOME money-saving features and functionalities, which I will explain next. Keep reading!

Here’s how to use it to your best advantage:

  • A flexible booking plan is always better on Skyscanner, when applied to both destination and time. For example, say you don’t have a destination in mind but want to see the cheapest flights offered from your departing airport. Just select “Flexible/Everywhere” as your destination and it will tell you the cheapest places to fly to! This is actually how I decided many of my travel plans when booking my 9 month itinerary for 2016!
  • Flexible is also better in terms of WHEN you are planning to fly. SkyScanner allows you to see the cheapest days or even months to fly to your desired destination!
  • If you don’t have the flexibility to do the above or have a desired destination in mind, no worries! Skyscanner will probably still score you the best deals ?


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Stay with me- this one’s not as obvious as it seems. Yes, budget airlines offer cheaper flights than the big corporate airlines, but the perks don’t end there!

Why choose budget airlines?

They obviously sell you cheaper flights, but they also have amazing membership benefits! Benefits, that give their members the inside scoop and first word about all their discounts, deals, and limited-time promotions! Knowing about these first means getting a spot on discounted flights that usually fill up FAST!

Here’s what you need to do to reach this membership status:

  • Sign up for their newsletter to get on their exclusive email list- you can find this usually at the top or the bottom of their website’s homepage.
  • Like their page on Facebook and turn on notifications for their posts!

It’s THAT simple! All the info is brought to you, no research required.

3. Clear your cache to avoid increased prices or use a VPN to access discounts!

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If you search for a flight too many times, constantly entering in the same date and airports, it’s somehow recorded in the system, and many times the price will raise after the third search or so. Not quite sure how technology achieves such evil?, but the idea is that: if you search for a specific flight a certain amount of times, chances are you going to need to buy it on that particular date, so why not jack up the prices ?

Still not convinced? I’ve heard some people think this is a myth…

I learned about this trick the hard way…After searching for a flight probably 3 times already, with the same date and same airports, the ticket price raised over $100 than the previous price. My boyfriend and I bought the same exact flight on the same exact booking site at the same exact time, yet mine was $100 more expensive due to the site’s memory of my previous searches.

How to avoid this issue and even find CHEAPER deals in the process:

  • The most obvious way is to simply not search for a specific flight (that you know you need to book) several amount of times.
  • If you’ve already done a bit of repetitive searching, clear your browser’s cache by going to preferences at the top of your screen where you’ll then usually go to either “settings” or “advanced” (depending on the browser you typically use).
  • Another sneaky way to outsmart the system AND possibly get you a cheaper ticket is to buy a VPN, which will allow you to choose your IP location when booking flights. Rumor has it if you buy a flight using the same IP location as the place you want go, the prices are cheaper for people in that country. For example, say you want to fly throughout Thailand, you would change your IP location to Thailand and most likely get a cheaper price!


I hope these tips score you some travel deals in the future! Please comment below if there’s any secrets you’d like to add to the list ?


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