10 Travel Apps You Need To Download!


Traveling isn’t always as glamorous and care-free as it’s made out to be. If you’re an avid traveler you know by now that it comes with its ups and downs.

Sometimes your struggling to find a decent WiFi signal, while other times you just can’t afford to do every activity and adventure you were dying to do. Just to name a few…

How do we fix these problem? By downloading some apps!! That might be a surprising answer to you, but some of the newest technology is coming up with ways to fix all your travel needs and worries.

After doing some research, I’ve put together a list of the 10 best FREE apps that just came out. They cover everything from saving you money, bringing you deals, and guiding you through your travels with just a simple download.

You’re welcome!! ?

My Top 10 New Travel Apps

1. Trip Rebel: This app/website finds you the best hotel deals, but also does so much more. 1. They give you refunds on the difference whenever your hotel reservation drops in price 2. They give you the option to upgrade to a superior room if the price drops within your budget range 3. They notify you when there’s price drops/promotions for hotels on your favorites list.

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2. WiFi Map: This app gives you access to a crowdsourced list of WiFi passwords from all over the world, with comments on their signal strength and whatnot. You can add to this list and also track down local Wifi hotspots surrounding you.

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3. Viator:  This app/website is amazing for planning a top-notch travel itinerary at lowest price guaranteed. It helps you search through all the best exclusive tours and activities, as well as compare each of them based on ratings and reviews. Great for “skip the line” passes, VIP experiences, etc. at LOW prices!

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4. Travel Butler: This is another one that sounds too good to be true, but again, no tricks. This app gives you your very own butler who does everything and anything to help you make the most out of your trip. They’ll check the weather for you and help you pack accordingly, they’ll give you the best recommendations for restaurants in the area, and they’ll tell you all the most entertaining/interesting activities to do in order to experience all the culture and history your destination has to offer. Yes please!!

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5. Detour: Say goodbye to paying for pricey walking tours! This app offers you free guided tours that track your location and teach you about the city’s culture and history as you go!

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6. Hotel WiFi Test: When traveling and working on the road, WiFi signals are extremely important. This app allows you to choose your hotel based on the best rated WiFi signals, with detailed comments from travelers all over the world. Perfect for expats and travel bloggers!

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7. Headout: Book last minute deals on activities, tours, and attraction tickets for the best prices available! It’s basically like having your own personal concierge, free of charge.

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8. Clever Layover: Save money on flights by scheduling connecting flights with long layovers, booking flights with non-partnering airlines, and/or buying flights separately for the lowest fares on each segment. This not only saves tons of money ($200 reported on average), but also gives you the opportunity to explore a new city/country for a day or night without planning a lengthy, expensive trip there.

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9. TripHobo: I don’t know about you, but I’m big on making itineraries before I travel somewhere. I’ll spend the entire day online jumping around from Expedia to Trip Advisor, to different travel blogs, and the jumping never stops. This app brings all the best guides and recommendations to you and makes it easy to organize all your travel plans in one place!

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10. Moovit: This one isn’t “new” but it’s SO useful. You no longer need to waste your precious travel time trying to figure out foreign methods of public transportation. Just download this app! It gives you guides to getting around created by the locals in the area (because who knows better than the locals?!).

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