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Low on funds? Don’t let your bank account rob you of a top-notch travel experience! No matter your budget, these tools will help you make the most out of your next vacation 👏


Here’s the best resources to help you plan when to visit, where to visit, and the best modes of transportation for your next trip!


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This website is incredible for finding out when to go to your desired location. Don’t have a clue where you want to spend your next vacation? This site also tells you the best places to travel during the time slot you have free! Once pinning down your location, you’ll be provided with weather averages, tourists’ cost of living (which is amazing when it comes to choosing a budget destination!), popular scheduled events, activities to do in that destination, and much more!

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This website is my go-to when figuring out the best ways to get from place to place. If you’re not sure whether you should take a train, bus, flight, or ferry, this site will tell you how long each route typically takes and how much each generally costs. It’s THE best resource for planning a trip and an easy way to save as much money as possible while traveling!


Here’s all the tools you need for booking the best flights and accommodation on a budget!

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: SkyScanner is the BEST website for finding the cheapest flights! Unlike other booking sites, it includes both local and budget airlines, which always tend to be drastically cheaper than the popular airlines. Plus, it will also tell you the cheapest dates to fly! I can’t even remember my life before SkyScanner, that’s how much I use it!! (or other booking sites!)

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When it comes to booking hotels, Expedia is my favorite website. There are tons of search filters including number of stars, guest ratings, prices, neighborhoods, and a wide range of amenities like high speed WiFi, swimming pools, spas, etc. Plus, if you’re a member, you get a ton of perks! Each time you book with Expedia, you’re rewarded points, which can later be used as travel cash on your next purchase! I’ve booked a lot as a member and will probably have up to $500 in Expedia cash by the end of the year!

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When I’m traveling to one place for a long time or if I’m traveling to a an expensive city, I always go with AirBnB. Their prices are MUCH more affordable than hotels and it gives you the chance to live like a true local! Plus, you can save tons of money by being able to cook meals at home, rather than eating out for every meal.


Here’s all the best sites for discovering top-notch activities and travel experiences within your price range while traveling!

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TripAdvisor makes it on my list of favorites for its “Things To Do” category! Whenever I want to find the best activities, tour companies, and attractions with tons of tourist reviews, TripAdvisor always delivers!

Travel Blogs

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While TripAdvisor provides you with the best activities, I find that travel blogs provide you with the best budget activities! It’s as simple as typing in “budget” and “things to do in ____” into Google, and I guarantee you’ll find tons of travel blogs with great recommendations and personal reviews. I’ve found countless hidden gems from these searches!



I’ve gained access to some of the best travel deals just from traveling spontaneously and going in with no plan at all! It’s almost always proved useful in the past to scope out the area first and talk to locals rather than booking with tour companies online or with your hotel. One of the main reasons for this is that you avoid the extra charge of someone booking the excursion for you!

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